Monday, September 13, 2010

A Week in Review

It was a fast week, by golly.  I suppose since we all had Monday off for Labor Day, it seems it just whirled by.  The hub brought these gorgeous roses home one day.  The colors were so pretty.
Tuesday, I went out to Beth's for a visit.  This is right down the street from her house!  How gorgeous!

We made charms from silver clay.  I had taken a class last fall with my friends down in 'bama, which I probably never mentioned.  It was right when mom got sick and I rushed home.  Never did post about that GGC trip.  Anyhoo, I brought my old clay over to Beth's and we started working.  We always have the best time.  Of course, there was a mission when we decided we were going to find some "shot" for the tumbler to help shine the silver.   Haha, we first went to my favorite store Walmart, thinking they have to sell shot.  Nope, only shot gun shells.  Then we went to the local gun store.  We fit right in -- NOT!  It was too funny.  We were just cracking up during the entire escapade.  Never did find any.  So, we went back to finishing up our charms.  What you do is, roll out your clay (pure silver, by the by), cut out the shape you want and stamp it.  Then you put it on a little warmer to harden.  After it's dried a bit, you sand off the rough edges and then it's ready to fire.  


We used a blow torch to fire ours, we don't need to stinkin' kiln, do we Bethy?

Und, voila!  After a little polishing, they look great! Did I mention, this is pure silver?  I think I did.

Wednesday came, and I had a doctor's appointment.  Drove into town and found I went to the wrong doctor.  I would have blamed my allergies and my fog, but I've done this before.  At least once (grin).  You see, two of my doctors, in the same practice, have the SAME last name.  One is in Franklin and one is in Nashville.  Oy.  No worries.  I went up the street to Anthropologie.  Found a little something for the girls' room.  (I really was looking forward to seeing my doc though.  Whatever is causing this "fog" I've been in for a month has to GO!)

Think I must has slept through Thursday, because I don't remember just what I did.  Friday came and it was hair day.    I'm going to have to remember next time I need a color, I don't have to get  a cut too.  Look at how short!!!  Oh my.  It's a bob, I say!  The reason I'm  putting this pic up (indeed I am a little bleary eyed after happy hour with the hub) is because on Tuesday, I'm getting a Brazilian Blowout.  This is supposed to tame my unruly mane.  Here is my natural curl, dried with a diffuser on the blow dryer.  I cannot wait to see what it looks like just a tad straighter!  Oh yea, you're right, I have gained like 20 pounds since last fall!  UGH.
Saturday, I received a note from my friend Nadia that her father had passed that morning.  He passed in the same way mom did, and it broke my heart.  I lit a candle in his honor.  Sniffle.
Tonight, after dinner, the kid, hub and I took Frankie for a walk.  The weather was gorgeous.  I hope it stays cool.  I am so ready for Autumn.

K, all caught up.  Well, kinda.  I dont' think I'll ever finish my European trip posts!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A great week and nice picture of you!

Have a lovely Monday!



Snap said...

Busy week. Cool? Cool? What is that????? Maybe sometime around Halloween (if I'm lucky).


Linda said...

I think your hair looks cute. Are you having the Brazilian treatment that lasts for about 2 to 3 months? I did and it was fabulous. It's the first time I have ever liked my hair.

Jeanie said...

GREAT week (except Nadia's dad), GREAT hair! LOVE the charms -- you guys did great with the blow torch. I think I need to get one of those sometime! And that top photo of the flowers simply dazzles me. That's a keeper. Shutterfly or Vistaprint cards waiting to happen!

And I DO love the hair!

PEA said...

Lucky gal getting those gorgeous roses:-) I so wish I could join you and Beth when you get together like that, you two have way too much fun! hehe I just love the silver charms and what a great idea to use the blow torch! lol

I've never heard of a Brazilian Blowout so will have to google that! I have thick hair and when I let it dry naturally it's all wavy and PUFFY which I can't stand! lol I love using the flat iron now, it leaves my hair so soft and feels thinner!!

I just remembered that I never answered your question about using tea on wood furniture to fill out scratches and such....if I remember correctly she had used 3 or 4 tea bags to one cup of water of boiling water. Let it cool and then dip a soft rag in it and wipe the furniture with it. xoxo

Mrs. Staggs said...

I would have loved to come for the fun of making the charms with you and Beth, and I could have brought the shot. Recently, I was reading that lots of dollmakers use shot for weighting dolls. Those charms are so pretty. I'm going to point Liisa in this direction, so she can see how nice they turned out.

I actually love your hair curly. I think it is beautiful. You look really pretty.

It's cool and rainy here today, and it feels right. I miss these kind of days when we go too long without them.


The Boss said...

I still have mine too. Maybe we can do some when I come. <3

Beth said...

Daig, girl. You so good, I am bad,,sure lacking on posting lately. Seem to be busy all the time. Going to give it a shot today thought. I Love Your hair,,I wish I had it. Hate my straight yuck hair,,lol.
I am missing ya really bad!



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