Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Not My Usual Day

Union Station, Nashville, TN.  A different time, seems a life time ago.  Yet, not quite so long ago, say 1979.  Which is when our train station was closed.  This, I believe is where America went wrong in so many ways.  Yes, of course, we love our cars.  I mean, really love our cars.  But there is something so wonderful about being able to jump on a train and go!  "Yes, I'm taking the Humingbird to New Orleans!" "Or wait, maybe I'll jump on the Southwind to Chicago."  How perfect is that?  We're missing something, aren't we?????

Mid-day was normal enough.  I drove downtown to get some cd's.  I had noticed a week ago that this FYE shop had moved in to where the old Tower Records used to be.  I LOVE record stores!

JJ Grey & Mofro just came out with a new CD.  Yes, I had pre-ordered it, but I wanted a couple of extra originals to give away.  Great album by the by.  Warhorse, the title song, is perfect JJ Grey.

Since it was after 4 p.m., I called the hub and asked if he wanted to meet me for happy hour.  Of course, he did!  Ha. Stupid question.  I was right near the Gulch, so it was perfect.  In the distance  here is Union Station.  It used to be a train station (above time schedule) and is now a hotel.  Which is exactly where we ended up!

Heeeeeeeer's Johnny!  Who doesn't adore Jack.  How can you not look at that face and smile also?

Blueberry martinis seem to be the rave these days.  Hey, that's alright with me, by golly. 

That with funky decor?

Ya got me.


The lobby is amazing.  I could picture it, in its heyday, bustling with people going to catch trains. 

It is still beautiful.

I had never been to the Union Station Hotel.  Never.  I've lived in Nashville for almost ten years.  Go figure.  This too, my friends, is sad.  I need to explore more.

Just outside is The Frist, our art museum.  There are several great exhibits going on right now.  The Golden Age of Couture and Chihuly has an exhibit running until October.  Obviously, the building was the main post office in Nashville.  Reminds me so much of DC.  I do plan on going soon, honest.

And then it was dinner time, so we mosied over to Whiskey Kitchen

And had pizza.

And we were home before dark!  I loved this shot of the back streets where Whiskey is.  You can see Union Station in the background, and just to the right of that is the "batman" building.  See the bat ears?

I love hanging with the hub.  This new stage in our life is wonderful!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Train are irreplaceable! What an awesome place! I love the decor.



Snap said...

I've been there ... many years ago.

i'm with you ... big mistake to get rid of trains.

Janet said...

Once I traveled by train and it was so nice. Much better than the rush and hassle on most freeways. The building is gorgeous!!

PEA said...

Isn't that always the case, we travel miles and miles to go visit other places and yet we don't see half of what's in our own back yards:-) We still have a train station here but I've never been on a train in my life! Mom often talks about taking the train to meet up with my dad when they were just going out romantic!! hehe Such gorgeous buildings you have over there and no doubt you had fun with the hubs:-) Sometimes it's those unexpected outings that are the most fun! xoxo

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love the old train stations, and traveling by train. I wish it weren't so expensive, or I would definitely do it more, although I've heard lately, that Amtrak has been having some wonderful deals.

Our old train station is cool too, and the one in Tacoma is full of Chihuly glass. You would love to see that, I think.

Linda said...

Love that train station. We use the train a lot here in France and they are so great. I'd much rather go someplace by train than plane.

Beth said...

Yes,,you got to love Union Station. It is truly beautiful. But yummy on the Blueberry martinis,,,

Jeanie said...

Well, it's a beautiful spot and fun date! And the food looks yummy and I'd love to stay here. But oh! Like you, I mourn the loss of train travel. It takes an enormous amount of energy to even plan a rail journey (as Rick found out when he was trying to figure out how to take Greg on a trip from Michigan to DC by rail, stopping at places with cool museums.) They didn't gol



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