Thursday, November 01, 2012

Day by Day

My view from the sofa. 

I brought these plants up from Alabama and they seem to be enjoying this spot. They were just about dead when I returned from my trip to DC and NY last month. The hub had watered every other plant in the house and somehow missed these. My absent-minded professor. But thank goodness, a little love and water brought them back. Let's see if they survive the gas heat this winter. Fingers' crossed.

I can't say that I'm any perkier than yesterday, but I am feeling better. My sleep patterns are all over the place after being in bed for two weeks, ugh. I think my body aches just from that alone. I'm going to get the guest room ready for when the hub gets home (he's been overseas since I got sick!). I wake up at all hours with this horrible barking cough; and that's the last thing he needs when he returns from a grueling trip. Perhaps I'll move into the girls' room. I've never slept in there; and it's such a pretty room. I had meant to start working on the guest room re-do while the hub was gone--in time for my brother's arrival at Thanksgiving; but obviously, that didn't happen. Didn't get anything done I had planned while the hub was away--no bike riding, no hiking with Frankie, no painting, no decorating, no nuthin'!

I'm just grateful to be feeling better, day by day. Let's all make a pact to stay well from now through the holidays. K?!
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Janet said...

Glad you're feeling a little better. Just don't do too much too fast and put yourself back in bed.

I plan to stay healthy through the holidays. My son is coming for Christmas.



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