Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Back Home in Nashville

It's nice to be home.  I found the New Year Maiden in Fairhope.  Yup, decorating.  We still have Little Christmas this weekend, so it's ok.

My SIL, Ellen, picked my name this year for Christmas.  She had this "Nana Claus" made for me by Angie's Unique Creations.  El gave the artist one of mom's old wool jackets which took me a moment to notice.  When Ellen said he was "Nana Claus," I noticed the coat material, and I just cried.  How precious.

Hope you're still ho, ho, hoing and being loved this Season.


Janet said...

What a thoughtful and meaningful gift. I'm sure you'll treasure it always.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Pretty. That is a wonderful gift.



Snap said...

Wonderful gift. You have folks who love you, Ro! Give yourself a hug!

Lena said...

I think that is such a nice idea for a gift, and I'm sure your mom would appreciate it.

I'm sort of done with the ho ho's, except for one box, that I still haven't mailed, as I keep hoping for more ideas to include inside of it, but that's ok. Sometimes, we celebrate the New Year, instead of Christmas, and that goes on for a little while yet. At least for me it does. You know me. I'm in the slow lane...seems like I'm getting slower all the time!


Anonymous said...

Hello sweetheart....I am just dropping by to give you a big hug. I loved making this for you as a special suprise gift..Seeing him each year will give you a little comfort now.I send you lots of love and am so glad he is well loved already. God bless you...love from Angie Clark. (Your Santa creator)kiss kiss kiss.

Jeanie said...

Nana Claus. I love it! And I love these photos! Wish there would be time in my visit to seeyour wonderful house -- don't know it will happen, but oh! How inspired I'd be. (And actually, I sort of long for Bella!)

Anonymous said...

Dear Rosa,

I hope you will read my comment and post some reply. I could not find any e-mails address or anything of the like on your blog so I have to put the question here:

when you were in Brussels in 2010, you described the pianist that was with you in the same hotel.

My questions:
- did you take pictures of him?
- what was your impression of him as a person, what did you notice, what was special?

I would very much appreciate any info.


Pattaya Girls said...

there's no place like home especially when it's Nashville.

Rosa said...

Natalia: I did not get any photos nor did I meet him. I only heard his lovely music when we arrived back in the evenings. It was beautiful. Sorry I couldn't give you more information. -ro

PEA said...

I would have sat there and bawled too, to open up such a special gift as Nana Claus. Such a brilliant idea to have him made and using material from your mom's wool jacket...so precious. Glad you're home safe and sound. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is the most wonderful, thoughtful present - you will cherish it for years and years. What a terrific idea your sister-in-law had...xoxoxo the fan



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