Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wednesday Sunrise

Now, this morning . . . it's cold. And I don't even want to be up. Not even to watch the sun rise.

Neither does Bella. Nor Frankie for that matter.

Zzzzzzzzzzzz . . . . going back to bed, lickety split, where all sensible beings are at this hour.


Snap said...

Enjoyed all the pictures of your night out to celebrate 22 years and the birthday. Food looked delish. It looks cold! Under the covers is good!


PEA said...

Dear Rosa,

I've just caught up with all your latest posts and I'm so glad that you did decide to go to Riverside after all. Your mom is getting the best care there is and you really needed to get away from it all and "recharge your batteries" as they say. I know how much you love your home away from home and the peace and tranquility you find there will help you wonders. xoxo

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good Gosh Girlie---What were you doing up THAT early????? Glad you went back to bed. You are on vacation... Please relax and REST.

robin bird said...

i'm just gonna stop right here rather than actually go back and make the many many comments i have on your recent posts. i am glad you took yourself (and your knee) to riverside for a little rest and healing. i am sorry to hear about your mom. you have been the best of daughters. truly. i'm glad she is safe and watched over and has all that time to work on her folding technique :) i like the new the riverside club, frankie i mean. happy anniversary dear, dear rosa!! i hope you are feeling better everyday about your mom. love to you dear.



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