Saturday, April 11, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

It's always good to get back home. I was really missing mom something terrible and was feeling rather guilty by being away so long. I awoke early and ran over and picked up two dozen cupcakes for all the nurses at the nursing facility. Yum. They are a great lot, and I don't know how they do it. But I am so thankful they do and wanted to show our appreciation, somehow. I was SO tempted to grab some for us, but I didn't listen to that little voice in my head (stomach!).

I also picked up some Easter goodies for mom and was so happy to see her up and walking with her physical therapist when I arrived. She had a walker in front of her and the therapist had a belt around her in case she needed a little help. But she was doing great! In actuality, mom's therapist had called me yesterday and told me she was up and walking a little. What great news. Since Sherrie had been there every day in my absence, I'm not quite sure she recognized me at first. But she was happy to see me, whoever I was to her. Here, she is still getting her bearings with me. I stayed with her for several hours, while she ate her lunch and we sat and watched a little TV. She then wanted to lie down. I'm sure the walking wears her out.

I then came home and started decorating for Easter. Nothing like waiting til the last minute, eh?
I think I enjoy decorating for Easter as much as I do for Christmas.

The teenager is home from college for the weekend and it's nice having him around. He has to head back early tomorrow (in order to watch a film for English--what's up with that???? It's Easter weekend!!) so I think we'll go out and have dim-sum together before he leaves. Do you think I prepared an Easter dinner? Nope. Perhaps I can get myself in gear for Ukrainian Easter next week. Let's hope.

The kid's friend is in from Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I missed seeing his mom before she flew back this morning. Sorry I missed you Edi. Miss you.

Hope all are enjoying this beautiful weekend.



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Happy Easter! I love your rabbit collection and these dainty cupcakes!


Rosa xoxo

Snap said...

Happy Easter and Happy Spring. Love your decorations. Happy to hear Mom is doing well.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad you are home safely, Rosa.. AND--I'm glad your Mom is doing so well.

Looks like a great Easter for your family... Enjoy!!!!

Janet said...

Happy Easter! I'm glad you're home, and it's good to know your mom is up walking a bit. She looks good.

Those cupcakes are almost too pretty to eat....almost!

paris parfait said...

So glad your mom is doing better and you got to spend time with her. And cupcakes - who can resist cupcakes??!! Nice to have a flying visit with your son, too. Happy Easter, Rosemary. xoxox

Jeanie said...

I'm so with you about enjoying decorating as much for Easter as Christmas -- totally different in style and feeling, and by Easter,I'm ready for a good decorating spree!

Loved the cupcake photo -- that's what I made for Easter dessert. What a nice thing to do for the nurses! Your mom looks so happy! What a treasure trove of beautiful photos you have of her! Happy Day after!

John Ivey said...

Looks like you had a good Easter. Glad to see mom is doing well. Tell everyone I say hello.



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