Saturday, April 18, 2009

Springtime Walkabout

Spring is still springing here in Middle Tennessee. I had to take a walkabout since I haven't been home in what seems like ages or, rather, no time when I am at home. This morning, after our coffee, the hub and I went to have a leisurely breakfast while the kid slept. Always nice to get away for a bit with my man and catch up on stuff.

Sherrie went and visited mom today in my place. I feel guilty as hell and am dying to see her, but I needed a little time with the family. I'm not quite sure that mom knows the difference between us, so I think it's all good. But still, I have that pang in my heart, of course. This photo is from yesterday. See the sweet bunny that Pea had sent me. Tomorrow is Ukrainian Easter so I'll keep the Easter stuff up until Monday, at least. We watched the Beverly Hillbillies together. Ooooooh doggie! That show still cracks us up. Look at how someone made the sweetest little smiley heart on mom's bulletin board. Cute! And yes, lilacs are just about spent.

Oh, I was so excited to find my favorite little lilly of the valleys this morning. My favorite little flower by far. These always remind me of my Aunt Mary, mom's sister. She had an abundance of LVs around her home in Carrollton, GA. She gave me a bunch of little bulbs to plant, which I did way back in Falls Church, VA. I wish I had dug some up before moving, but I didn't. So, now when they bloom, I look up and say hi to Aunt Mary. I'll probably make a little mini-bouquet for mom tomorrow and take to her.

The clematis is just beginning to bloom. The vine is just full of buds. Scrumptious.

The azaleas have about two buds ready to pop. C'mon babies, let's do this thing!

The magnolia is full of buds also. Fuzzy little buggers.

Lol. On the way towards the back of the house, I found remnants of the boys' terror in the neighborhood last weekend. They were blowing things up left and right. This poor guy looks like he was in one of the explosions. I found him on the driveway, a good ten feet away from the safely-positioned explosion site in the yard. Oooof.

The hub tore open a gypsy moth nest. Oh, they wreak havoc on my wild cherry. I hope we get some frost tonight and kill the little nasties. I hate using chemicals, so I (one of the boys) just tear open the nests once they form. Still, kinda sad. Move on Rosa.

The newly planted forsythia looks to be doing well this time around. Finger's crossed.

Pretty view of my already overgrown corner of the yard. Doesn't take long, does it?

Proof. Dandelions. I am so allergic to these little weeds. No dandelion wine for me, the doc once told me. A'ight with me.

Aw, look what was close to the lilac bush. Poor little robin egg, all by its lonesome in the grass. I didn't know quite what to do with it, so I just left it there. :-(

Lilacs still blooming and smelling dandy.

Even a few narcissus still in bloom.

Lilies growing for summertime bloomin' in mom's yard.

A sweet angel sniffing the weeds growing around her.

Mom's hostas.

This doesn't look like my balloon flowers, but it is where they are planted???? We'll see if they come up balloons!

Aw, springtime. How are your flowers coming along in your little worlds?



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thank you for all these gorgeous spring flowers shots! I love Lilies Of The Valley!

Nice picture of you! I love the layout...

Cheers and happy spring/Easter,


The Creek Cats said...

Beautiful flowers!!! Spring has sprung!! Yay!
Also, thanks for stopping by our blog for a visit. It's so nice to meet you!

Linda said...

Love the flowers. The wysteria is on its way out here and the lilacs have started.

LollyChops said...

Your yard is CRAZY beautiful... even that "overgrown" portion looks like something out of a magazine.

So you have a "safely-positioned explosion site in the yard".. that too funny for words. Sounds like a place my hubs would have hung out in when he was a younger lad.

Snap said...

Thanks for the visit through your garden. I just love these little side travels. It's so much fun. I hope it's fun for you, too!

jet1960 said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog for a visit. Enjoyed seeing your flowers and plants during your walkabout! My own flower beds are pretty sad these days, but I once planted balloon flowers back in the day and that is what they looked like.


Beth said...

Love your beautiful yard! I will be glad when a few years go by and my yard will be more beautiful. It takes awhile to get it the way you want it when you move. I am sure you went through that too!
Not sure if those are Balloon flowers,,its kind of early for them yet. I have some and they pop up when the soil gets warmer.

Jeanie said...

How wonderful to join you on your walk! (The blow up remains were a little creepy though!) I'm a tad jealous of your lilies of the valley -- much further along than ours. And all the photos are lovely.

I suspect your poor little robin has been abandoned. How sad. And your little statue with the moss -- lovely photo. Plus, your happy face was THE BEST!

Cheers! I'm glad I enjoyed your time!

PEA said...

I'm soooo envious that you have all those flowers in bloom already and that everything is so green! We still have no buds on the trees and although I have a few crocuses in bloom the rest of my Spring flowers will be another couple of weeks yet before they bloom. Our grass is still yellow and flat from the snow just having melted...just waiting for it all to dry up a bit before going out there with the rake.

Ummmm...Rosa? I've been meaning to email you since you sent me that picture of the bunny in your mom's room. It's not me who sent it to you! lol When you first mentioned a bunny, I was trying to rack my brains as to which one you were talking about then I figured I had just forgotten. Once I saw it, I knew right away who had sent it to you because she had sent one to me too! Her name starts with a T...remember??? lol xoxo

Queenly Things said...

We have so much popping around here. Put in tomatoes, the herbs are greening back up, lemons are weighing down the trees. Gardenias, geraniums, hydrangeas, azaleas - oh, it's a regular fairylan.



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