Thursday, April 09, 2009

Yesterday . . .

Yep, I nursed Wednesday's hangover almost all day. Ooooof. We just had way too much fun. I was barely able to make it to the dock and sip my coffee. Somehow I mustered up enough energy to do just that. The hub was in much better shape than I was. Too much celebrating for my old bones, I tell ya!

Even the blue jay picking moss for her nest hurt my ears. Ouch. Seemed all the birds were out just chirping away.

After we had enough coffee to sink a ship, the hub and I headed out for a little exploring. He had never been over to Magnolia Springs, so that is where we headed. (I, for one, believe this is where Fannie Flag's novel "A Redbird Christmas" takes place. But don't tell anyone, k?) It was the first day I was able to bend my knee and actually drive! We stopped off at the little local restaurant there, Jesse's and had lunch. This is what the hub (not me!) ended with. They told us these were local strawberries from up the road; and so that had to be our next adventure.

We found the strawberry farm and I could almost smell them from the road. Although I don't really care for them, the smell is luscious! You know how I love these gorgeous old live oaks. They just take my breath away.

These had just been picked, and the owners were still sorting what had just been brought in from the field. You can't get any fresher. The kid later said they are the absolute best he has ever eaten. We're going back for more tomorrow to take home.

This pic is for Peggy, over at Hidden Haven Homestead. Look at all these goats Peg! Oh my!

After the hub and I made it back home, he and the kid took the boat down river. Here is one of our "famous" neighbors. Not too shabby, huh? I love the color of her house!

Pelican Pete. Pete Pete!

What happened here?

When they returned, we all jumped in the car and headed over to the Bay to watch the sunset. The hub and kid here walking on the beach. (Horrible exposure, I know. Sorry I fiddled with it!)

By the kid.

And then it was early to bed. lol.

We all had a lovely day all along the Gulf of Mexico today and are heading back home tomorrow. The teenager is home for Easter and I am need of a momma fix. Wish we had the private jet lined up. (In my DREAMS!) lol.



Linda said...

Sounds fabulous and relaxing. There is some over the counter medicine for car sickness that is supposed to help with hangovers. I haven't tried it yet, though.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I could just about smell these strawberries here in Scotland. Don't hangovers seem to get worse the older you get, I wonder why? We should be wiser and not drink so much but we never learn eh?

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That's what I call life! I'd love to be there taking pictures and enjoying the scenery!



Snap said...

Strawberries! Yum! Enjoyed traveling and relaxing with you -- as always!



Looks so beautiful and peaceful. Enjoy and Happy Easter. I love "Redbird Christmas". It's such a magical story.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Girlie, sounds like you all had a wonderful respite!!!!! Even with all of that celebrating, life is GOOD for you---I'm sure.

You will probably get into a mess going home since they had some horrible tornadoes today in the Murphreesboro area. Hope you can get up I-24...

The storm went through here also--but we got lucky. We just had rain and thunder...

Once you get home, hug your Mama --and then have a wonderful Easter.

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I've been on a blogging break a medical now, I've been enjoying the stroll through posts I've missed.
How I envy the sunshine! We had one weekend of sunshine and rain ever since. You cracked me up about the birds LOUD, effects on your party head. Enjoy the sun for those of us still stuck in the cold!

Please come for a visit when you get home, it gets lonely out in the cold. :)

Sweet wishes,

Pearl said...

Why is it that when we were younger we could go out stay out late and pop right up the next day...I think I would be down for days

Beautiful photos. Enjoy.


Peggy said...

Oh how Diva and the girls would love to be out in the pasture with those goats! Thanks Rosa for sharing the photo and thinking of me. Have a wonderful Easter with the boys.

paris parfait said...

Oh such fun! Thanks for the peek into the beauty! xoxox

Jeanie said...

Beautiful scenery! And those strawberries look to die for!



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