Sunday, April 05, 2009

Decompression Zone

Sigh. Just what the doctor ordered. I feel I could sleep for a week.

Here's my makeshift knee holder upper. About the time mom was being transferred to the new facility, my "arthur" started acting up. A few days of lifting and helping mom move around and now it's full-fledged inflamed (if that's what arthritis does). It has never been this painful. I have found that not bending it is key. After being off it all day yesterday on the drive down and having a few cocktails (shots) last night, it is a tad better today. (Bring out the Southern Comfort!) As I write, it is actually bent with no pain. PTL! I will play it by ear and may have to go in to the docs when I get back if it keeps up. Booo hiss. (Please don't mind the fuzz on my legs. Who has time to shave?)

Frankie (his usual pose) is enjoying the quietness of all the birds chirping down here. Quite different than the ones we have back home. He's still a little nervous about everything as he was used to the quiet, sedate lifestyle with mom. Well honey, that party is over, lol.

He actually broke out this morning and I saw him (thank goodness) strolling down the back street! He's a good dog and waddled back when I called him. We just have to work on him losing some of that "momma" weight.

Bella is totally freaked by the fact that there is a dog in her beloved home-away-from-home. Poor thing. We're in the process of trying to teach Frankie NOT to eat cats for a mid-day snack. Bella seems quite aware of this fact and is keeping quite the low profile. In fact, at this rate, he'd never even find her. I sure can't. Poor girl. We'll get it all worked out in due time, I'm sure.

Sherrie is taking care of visiting mom while I'm away. She is my angel. I wasn't going to come down here but she insisted. We had already worked out the scheduling way back when since this is the kid's spring break. I'm happy she did because I truly needed a break, especially with my knee. You know me, pig headed. But I gave in. Have to stay well, mentally and physically.

Hopefully I can get around to visiting you all soon. Hope all is well in your necks of the wood. (Is that correct?)



Snap said...

A break in a favorite place is just what the doctor ordered (Dr. Dragon) -- refill your batteries. Hope the knee gets better and Bella and Frankie will work things out. Frankie will enjoy life better with a few less momma pounds! I sure know how that works! Thinking of you.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Just the perfect place to relax! have a good time!



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Have fun, Rosa... You deserve some time away from the stress at home.

Have fun--and take care of "Arthur"...

Be careful.

Jeanie said...

Hey, you -- I was able to load you up -- I'm glad things have worked out with your mom's new place -- she looked good in the other photos. And I'm also glad you were able to get away for a bit with Bella. You guys need a break.

Take care of that knee, my dear. Rest and restore.

Janet said...

Take care of that knee! Just relax and enjoy your time away from everything. I'm glad your mom is settled and has a beautiful view and people to look out for her.

I'm keeping you both in my thoughts.

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

I'm so glad you got to get away! The animals look like they will adjust fine!
Keep that knee rested and take advil.....hope it gets better!
(I work for orthopedic surgeons!)

Lisa "Oceandreamer" Swifka said...

Definitely take it easy, rest your knee and rest your mind!
When my Mom was settled in the care facility Greg and I went away for a long weekend...I didn't realize how much I needed it until we were there a couple days.
You are so lucky you have someone you trust...your visit her!
Thinking of you!

Queenly Things said...

You need to be there. The arther will not fix itself if you are up there taking care of things. This way it will be all better and be rarin' to go when you get back.



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