Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy First Birthday Daniel!

Today is my nephew's first birthday. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to be with him on this very special day. The family celebrated "Tol", a traditional Korean first-birthday bash. I truly wish I could have been there. Such a special blessing he is. We love you big D.

The kid and I went and spent time with mom this afternoon. Mom was absolutely radiating.

It was a gorgeous day.

A little hot in the sun, but we found a shady spot under the patio awning, and it was absolutely perfect.

A lady came out and showed us where a hidden robin's nest was. The babies look pretty big. They were just waiting for momma to return with some food! So sweet.

I kinda miss having nests all around my porches, but the cats would wreak havoc with them, so I'm glad they don't nest with us anymore. I worried like a mother hen every time I would let a cat outside.

Look at the gorgeous Angel's Trumpets! They were flourishing on the ironwork.

They were flourishing on the ironwork.

The colors changed from pink to a salmon to a bright yellow.

Lovin' my momma.

She was cracking up at something!

After we left, we had an early dinner around the corner. Mmmmm, Mexican. I love salsa verde.

And poblano peppers stuffed with chicken. Mmmmm mmmmm good.

The weekend is over. I always look forward to Mondays. Go figure.



Janet said...

Your mom does look radiant! And the photo of the two of you together is beautiful.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Happy Birthday to Daniel!!!!! Sorry you couldn't be with him---but you'll have many more years to be with him.

Your mother has the most beautiful smile. And you, my dear, looked gorgeous!!!! Loved that photo of you two together.


Linda said...

I always like Mondays better too, even though we are retired. When I worked it was different, of course.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Happy Birthday to your nephew!

I love those pictures of your mother (and you)! Very pretty!



Anonymous said...

What a lovely post this is. I love a baby birthday, and the first one is always very special. Your nephew is going to have such a great life, within your loving family. What a lucky little boy.

I love baby birds too, but I have to admit, that I'm always relieved when they keep their nests away from the front porch. They used to always nest in my hanging baskets, which made it a little bit difficult to water them!


Snap said...

Happy Birthday to Daniel! Your Mom does look radiant. Love the photo with both of you. Looks like a great weekend! Happy New Week to us all! =)


Beth said...

Wonderful pictures, I can't see them all for some reason the filters at my school doesn't let me see them all now. But I did see the one of you and your Mom and it is precious.
Happy Birthday to Daniel!

PEA said...

Happy Birthday to Daniel:-) Such a shame you couldn't be there to help celebrate but no doubt there will be many other times.

I so love all these pictures of your mom, you're right, she did look radiant!! She seems so happy with her surroundings and I really pray and hope that she can stay there. LOVE the pic of you and your mom, both beautiful ladies!! And omigosh, look at those absolutely beautiful flowers...I would have wanted to bring the Angel's Trumpets home! lol xoxo

Jeanie said...

What a smile! And what fabulous photos! Your hair has grown long -- looks good!



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