Sunday, October 24, 2010

This Week

Not only has Autumn arrived, but so did JJ Grey!  He was added, pretty last minute, to the Nashville "Live on the Green" show.  I had already purchased the tickets for his show in Knoxville, so it was a lot of fun seeing him twice within a week's time.

Knoxville's show was especially fun because not only did Beth come with me, but we were also able to hang with the teenager (in his neck-of-the-woods)!  The entire night was a blast, ending with locking ourselves out of the room, Barney Fife in the lobby after hours, and the a/c that sounded more like someone a little overweight breathing heavily.  Beth and I laughed ourselves to sleep at the wee hours of the morning.

The next morning, we arose pretty early (10) just a tad bleary eyed.  It's hard keeping up with college kids, geesh.  We must have walked, what Beth, about 20 blocks?  ("It's only across the bridge then one block.")  After dropping some things off at the Teenager's apartment, we headed back West towards Nashville.  I had found this little town, Harriman, last year when heading back home after mom's celebration of life.  It was still there, just as I had left it.

We found beautiful houses while exploring the sweet little town.  Leaves were flowing through the air, it was breezy and a perfect temperature.  Doesn't get much sweeter.

We found our way down to the river and took some photos.  It was gorgeous!

Beth and I.

And some goodies I found in Harriman.  Haha, the owner of one of the shops remembered the "run-in" I had with a horribly rude customer.  Ya see, we remember this stuff.  

Now, speaking of goodies, this is Natalie Sarabella's latest line.  She has decorated hand-blown glass pumpkins exclusively available through Frontgate's website only.  They are gorgeous!  (Top photo of same piece.)

Not only do you get the beautiful pumpkin, but it arrives in a box that Natalie has hand painted herself.  I love sunflowers!  I'm going to hang it somewhere in the house.  Such a talent, that lady.  I also put out my little oil that reminds me of my mom.

Yes, it feels like a year has passed.  Each day, I can't help but to remember those last days. I'm actually doing pretty well with it.  Her beautiful memory is with me every day.  A big thank you for all your well wishes.


Snap said...

Hugs my dear!

I love the glass, but have to say the squirrels made me smile! Looks like ya'll had a fun time.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Fall is so beautiful in your corner of the world!



Janet said...

Wow! Love the glass pumpkin! And the little pink flower goodies are great.

I'm glad you and Beth had a good time. You both look cute in the photo.

Jeanie said...

Sounds like a total blast -- good friends, good music, good kid, good shopping, good memories.

Thinking of you...

Pretty Things said...


Sammie Sue Schwartz said...

The pumpkin was wonderful. You're becoming quite the little party animal, aren't you?



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