Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Motivating Weather

You know how the cooler temps motivate me to be more productive.  It seems I haven't done a darn thing for over a year.  I truly need to get back into the swing of things.  The kid was off for two days (fall break, haha), so we went and gathered some punkins'.  I so LOVE this time of year!  Do you see Dave in the background?

It's also GGC time.  This is the bracelet the girls and I made last year at Riverside in October.  I have been wearing it almost every day.  I hope they are too!  Tiz' the season, girlz!  I don't even remember adding the angel charm.  Who would have known that it would have such meaning in such a short time?  We lost mom four days later.  Well, unfortunately, the GGC won't be able to have our annual meeting this year, scheduling conflicts, I'm afraid.  Sniffle. But, I'm workin' on a little sumpin' sumpin'.

I continue pulling together the girls' room, piece by piece.  I hung these mirrors this week after they sat on the beds for like a month or more.  (Beds, I say.  I dont' even have mattresses, yet!) I hung them close to the dresser so the girls can put their makeup there and be close to a reflection.  I'm starting to think more like a girl every day.  Go figure, at almost fifty, right?  Sad, but it's taken me that long--three older brothers and all . . .  (Do you barely spy the wool shag rug?  Squeeeeeeel!)

Natalie Sarabella, the true angel that she is, included this gorgeous Diva (click to her website) when I ordered some presents for friends and family.  Madam D, as I named her, is an absolute delight!  Nat has been so generous to me over the years, and I can never thank her enough.  I send big ol' bear hugs and kisses and prayers and everything good to her every time I eye one of her beautiful pieces.  I know she has angel wings hidden somewhere.  

Who else could come up with these teeny, tiny little precious babies but Nat?  These were made for Dar's (my riversorry friend) little grandbabies!

Going back to the girls' room, how could I resist a little nod to England after such a delightful trip this summer?  I sigh every time I see that Union Jack!

Tomorrow,  Beth and I are heading East to Knoxville to see JJ Grey & Mofro in a real theatre. We are going to have the best time!  Not only am I traveling with my dawlink friend, but I get to see my first born also.  And he's going to the show with us.  It doesn't get much better.

Life is good to me. (Except for the fact that the hub is in China, again.)

Happy Fall Y'all!!!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love the look of your girl's room! I want your porch!



Snap said...

I want your porch, too! It's hot here again.................

Janet said...

That stack of pumpkins is so perfect! And the girl's pink room is coming right along. Can't wait to see it all finished and girlie.

The Boss said...

Looks so pretty and festive Ro. I wish I could see it for myself! GGC spring??? I wear mine everyday lately too! The gingle reminds me of you. <3

Jeanie said...

This looks so fun, cheery and happy! Love the divas!

Have fun with Bethy!

I've been thinking of you a lot lately -- knowing it's close to your anniversary. Hang in there, my friend -- I hope you'll share the day, so I, too, can remember Lillie Sue in my heart.



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