Saturday, March 19, 2011

Portland, OR

We made it Portland, finally!  I already feel like I'm home.  We are loving it here.

I had my first (and last) Bloody Mary at breakfast.  Yuk.

We found Besaw's around the corner. Yum. Everything was great. Good thing I cleansed before I got out here, huh?

 Of course, we made a bee-line to the big toy shop in town, Finnegan's.

We ran into a peace rally. How cool is this?  Reminds me of my childhood!

Don't think you'd see this in Nashville.

Look at the dalmatian with a message!

 Lunch at Little Big Burger.

Then back to the hotel to look at our goodies!

 The kid's.


And my toys! Smurfs! I remember in high school German class, our teacher brought these back with her from Germany. I love them!

Ok, time for a siesta, now. I so seepy.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'd love to visit that town. It looks like you are having a great time there!



Snap said...

I have never been to Portland and want to go. I understand the gardens are gorgeous and there is (at least) one wonderful yarn shop!!!!!!!!

Janet said...

Portland is such a great town. I was there a few years ago to meet up with a fellow blogger. And HB and I lived just outside of Portland back in the 90's. Fun city!!

Jeanie said...

That first lion photo -- UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE! Sounds wonderful! Wish you could wave hello to blogger Marilyn! Will you see blogger Robin? Hope so!

Lena said...

LOL! I think it is so funny that one of the first things you'd see was a demonstration for peace. Welcome to the PNW, Rosemary!

Portland is a fun place to visit. They have a great antiques district and a wonderful bookstore too, called Powells.


Pearl said...

Your photos are wonderful. Portland looks very fun.
Hope you are doing well. Sending you hugs,

robin-bird said...

did i miss and e-mail or something!!?? you never even told me you were coming. i would have loved to see you! i'm sure you had a fabulous time though. when will you be moving to lake oswego;)


Annie said...

I'm in Portland every summer. I still have not gotten a really good taste of the city. Just bits and pieces. I would love to move in for about a month and just explore to my heart's content.



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