Friday, April 07, 2006

Never Lose Sight . . .

Box No. 3--I was going to make another trio, but I couldn't quite think of anything on the spot, so I'm just doing one at a time. I found a card with this cute girl jumping which was my motivation for this one.

It's been storming here big time. Tornadoes hit about 30 miles north of us. We all had to go down to mom's basement twice this afternoon, right in the middle of my decorating these boxes. It's still pouring down rain as I write this; I guess the flowers will all be happy. I wish I had cut all my tulips to bring inside to enjoy before the hard rains came. I thought about it, but it ended there. The petals will probably be lying on the ground tomorrow. I did, however, cut back my hydrangea and got rid of all the dead growth from last season. Yea. We had a little hail, nothing much; but the kid did grab one and brought it inside to photograph for "my blog." He also photographed the sunset, which was absolutely gorgeous. So, these are from the kid for you.

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