Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Same Ol' Same Ol'

It's so good to be home and I am truly enjoying this nice weather that we're having here in Middle Tennessee. I was able to put my spider plants out on Sunday hoping we surely wouldn't get any more cold weather (the night of the bad storms here, of course.) We were lucky that we didn't get hit too hard. I feel bad for the folks west of us who were slammed. I do keep a weather alarm on (which is totally new to me coming from up north). It went off and on all night Sunday but never bad enough that we had to hit the basement.

The boys are back into their routines of school and homework, the hub is off to Asia once more and I'm just be-bopping along. Mom has been a little under the weather for the past few days; but she seems much better today. She was having dizzy spells and said she had fallen and hit her head. The hub and I had the same thing a couple of weeks ago, so I wrote it off as that. I can't find a knot or a bruise, so I don't know. (Sometimes she gets confused about things.) I was going to take her to the doctor if it stayed for more than a day, and it didn't. Of course, she has her good days and her bad but her memory is getting worse. She finds it harder and harder to gather her thoughts and remember words when she is trying to talk. Being two peas in a pod, I can usually understand what she is trying to tell me, which is good. I'm so thankful that she lives with us so we can keep an eye on her. I was ready to move her upstairs to the guest room for a couple of days; but she seems back to her old self today. Thank goodness. It's getting to the stage of being a little scary of what the future will hold. She is 82 years old and beginning to show signs of her age. I so fortunate she is a sweet woman and we get along so well as well as her and the boys. We all adore her, especially the hub. Geez, I think I could move out and those two would just keep on keeping on. haha. Lucky us. (I feel horrible about her driving me crazy at the beach--oh well, we are family after all--part of the territory!) This was probably a reminder from above to take it as it comes, eh?

I need to get outside and start cleaning up the gardens. I have leftover dead growth from last year that I have neglected. The green is popping through and it needs to get done before it's too late. May already be too late for my rose bushes. I think they should have already been pruned. Oh well. My hydrangea hasn't been cut back and one is already well on it's way to new growth--too late there. But the other big one looks a little behind, so I can cut it back. Last year, they were cut back too late and didn't bloom. Live and learn.

I been moving stuff around and sticking things and stuff (as the hub calls it) here and there. I wish I could leave bunnies and lambs out all year round. They are too cute. We used to have a bunch of bunnies hopping around the neighborhood. I think my cats ate them all. One of our cats, Ozzy (God rest his soul) brought us a present of a rabbit foot once. Sweet, huh. We later found the head in the yard and the body in the neighbor's yard. Even more lovely.

I put some of my eggs from last year in these glass bunnies. I was much more creative last year. I just couldn't get my pysanky mojo going this time around. These were done quite untraditionally with magic markers. I loved all the colors that came out. There's only so many dyes available.

Oh well, there's always next year.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Is that your house pictured above? Wow, it looks so great!

This type of house makes me dream as I would love to have one in that way...

Rosa said...

Rosa: That is our house. It's funny, you'd think Tennessee would have more "Southern" homes with front porches. Nope. So, I was happy (and lucky) to find this one.

I love the description!



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