Monday, April 03, 2006

Seasonal Spots

I'm continually changing my "spots" as each new season rings in. These are things that I've collected over the years that I just enjoy looking at.

I fell in love with Christopher Blake's bird houses many years ago. A favorite haunt of mine in Arlington, VA, was Mrs. McGregor's Garden Shop on Rt. 50. It was a teeny shop but I could spend an hour or more going round and round just looking at everything. When I worked at USA TODAY, a colleague and I would drive over and spend our whole lunch hour there. It's a wonderful shop with a wonderful name. This is where I first set eyes upon Christopher Blake's Folk Art. They carried several of his pieces but I fell in love with Pinnochio first. I have him hanging outside. I may need to move him where I can enjoy his cheerful face more. The next time I went, I saw the "cat." Of course, I had to have him! Poor guy has been through the ringer. I had him hanging by the side entrance on a coat rack. Ms. Trouble Bev decided she wanted to play with one of my scarves and pulled the whole thing over. My poor birdhouse cat lost a leg and his butt came unhinged (this is where you're supposed to clean out the nests each year--cute huh). He's since been operated on; and because he's an inside birdhouse, all is fine. Then there's Humpty Dumpty. He too has somehow broken his leg. Guess I'm fortunate with just that alone, you know, being Humpty Dumpty and all. I found him on Ebay at a good price. I guess they're all too pretty to put outside. Maybe it is time for Pinnochio to come in out of the cold.

I found several new pieces while visiting Fair Hope this time. These little numbers were too cute to pass by. I love the little chicken's grumpy face as if saying "I wish they would stop dressing me up every year at this time; what do I look like, a clown?"

And the bunny looks equally embarrassed with his silly party hat on. I love his eyes.

The three flower girls just looked too goofy to resist. I don't know if they're supposed to be missing a tooth here and there or not, but this is what it looks like to me. I had to rescue them and give them another chance at a better life. Perhaps a little dental work is in order (need to make a call into Dr. Sharpee).


ULLA said...

These are charming! I like Pinocchio best too... But they all have such a whimsical feel to them. Thanks again Rosa, for commenting on my blog!

ms*robyn said...

they are gorgeous! oh and could you let me know if you still want to be included in the vintage housekeepers swap? thanks ! Robyn



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