Monday, April 17, 2006


I think we're all a little tired today. Abby seems to tell the whole story with her eyes, "Just leave me alone and let me rest, please." I guess all that food yesterday is making us a tad sluggish today. Even the animals aren't anywhere to be found--except Abby, of course, who has to be plopped down in the middle of the stairs! Lord forbid she misses any "action." (Maybe she's really saying, "Hey, you're going to have to step over me if you want to get up or down the stairs, I ain't movin'.")

We had lunch today at The Cheesecake Factory in Green Hills, and the hub met us there. It is a wonderful place, as I've said before. This is only my second time there. We all shared a slice of cheesecake (Godiva Chocolate) for dessert and couldn't even finish that between five of us! It was sooo rich--but good. My favorite part is always the whipped cream. Freshly whipped, of course. I've learned to appreciate the good stuff when it's served in restaurants. It's so rare these days to get the real McCoy!

Tonight is our last night with Grammy and Grandpa. Guess what we're having for dinner? It's going to be a smorgasborg, for sure! A little bit of everything, including half of today's lunch!

I am so out of it. I keep staring out the window and enjoying the new growth on our baby maple tree out front. It has grown a couple of feet in the last year. I absolutely love looking at the leaves as they're opening. So pretty. It's getting warmer, in the 80s today with no humidity. I'll take no humidity any day. Again, I need to get out and cut all the stems from the tulips and daffodils that brought us such beauty a couple of weeks ago. They look a little pitiful with just the stems sticking up--as if they're waiting to be cut by Gomez (The Addams Family) for Morticia. Yep, about time I get out there and clean it up! But, first I think I will rest. grin.


Sofia Barao said...

Hi Rosa :)
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)
Looks like you had a great time for easter hein ??? me too I had too much chocolats and food at my family's...:) :) :) :) and I'm just resting today.

Ulla said...

Rosa, I am glad I wasn't the only one feeling 'out of sorts' on Monday. I just could not get my equilibrium together... Ummm I love cheezecake too! and with Godiva chocolate - what a sin! Huggss

Mrs. Staggs said...

Well...I think it was all that dancing that you and Ulla were doing in Merryville that did you both in!

Rosa said...




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