Friday, April 21, 2006

Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing.....

I just love some of Chris Isaak's songs. I used to watch his show and I don't even know if it's still on. I'll have to look into that. Anyway, this has nothing to do with Chris Isaak. Why would it? Duh.

But, oh yes, I did a bad, bad thing. Are you ready for this one? I will be bidding at a French auction. OUCH! Yes, this is my first time bidding via email, so it will be quite interesting. I feel like I'm in one of those movies at a Christie's auction, "Yes, my client will bid via phone." haha. As if.

Our friend Raphael in France lost his grandfather last month. Raphi's mom is auctioning off a lot of his stuff on Sunday. I was talking with Raphael this week and just happened to ask him to keep and eye out for some things around his town if he found them cheap and he mentioned the auction. I asked him to send me the brochure; and of course, there was china involved. (Poor hub.) Yes, "Hi, my name is Rosa, and I am a chinaholic." (Now, you're supposed to say "HI ROSA!" or "Welcome Rosa..." Whatever.)

Beautiful stuff. Limoges stuff. Napoleon stuff. Oh my. I was busy all afternoon on the phone with Raphi, IMing Raphi, iChatting Raphi, translating from English to French, French to English, dollar to Euro, Euro to dollar, and finally sending emails. I have a headache from all the thinking! Oh my, again. What excitement! You know how auctions work, you just never know. I may end up with everything, I may end up with nothing. Keep your fingers' crossed I end up with something!!

The last auction the hub and I went to was in upstate NY. There were several pieces we wanted and had discussed them. So when bidding began, we were going gung ho. (Not expensive stuff, mind you.) All of a sudden, the auctioneer asks, pointing to us "Are you two together?" "Uh, yes." "You are bidding against each other!" hahahaha. We were so caught up in the moment, that we were both bidding at the same time, raising the price. Tards. (We didn't win the bid anyway, so there!) We did walk away with a set of stained glass windows ($20) and a three-quarter size head and foot board. Never used the bed and lost the windows! I left them at a studio to match the glass and moved and left them. (Yes, my last month in VA was quite a lost one, indeed.) I called them to get them shipped and they had already closed shop. Oh well, at least I didn't pay all that much for them! Again, I'm a tard from way back.

And so my friends, que sera, sera. We shall see what happens on Sunday! I may have a heck of a shipping bill! giggle.


Connie and Rob said...

Oh my gosh...this sounds so exciting. I can't imagine participating in an auction. I know my brother has before but my nerves couldn't take it.

My fingers are crossed and I hope you get some treasures.

Take care,

ann said...

i want some! that fish plate looks simply awesome. sorry to hear about ralphi's grandfather...

Rosa said...

Connie: I will keep you posted on the outcome!

Ann: I will pass your condolences on to Raphi. His grandfather lived a very active life almost until his passing.

Monsieur est maintenant un vol d'ange au-dessus de nous.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh my goodness, what wonderful things...I have a "problem" with old dishes too. So funny, you and your husband bidding each other up!
Good luck...I'm looking forward to hearing what happens! Thanks for the Lady Monk email too! LOL!

Carolyn said...

Oh Rosa too funny about bidding against each oher. Hope tomorrow you find you won some bids and have some good treasures coming your way. I just read many of your blog posts. Love that you name your birds (me too haha) and I was glad to read tonight about using the www. URL you posted as a link because I was not able to view your pictures either and now it's all there as a full blog with pictures. I'm enjoying being here. And I have no idea why you were frustrated with these teenage boys hahahhaha been there too! raised two boys. Amazing how they seem to have a hollow leg that needs filling all the time with foos, isn't it. When they are all grown up and maybe still friends they will look back on that night and you'll all laugh, but when its happening and you are the one who is losing it (for no apparant reason they can possibly comprehend) it's quite a different story. Great real life post.



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