Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Little Bit of Heaven in a Cup

I was out yesterday looking around town to see what was new since I've been out of town. I love looking at the store displays, especially in the spring and fall. I had to stop in to the tea shop to stock up and to get some tea for my mother-in-law who will be visiting over Easter. Her favorite tea is Earl Grey and they carry about six different types. I picked up Duchess Earl Grey which is light and fruity variety and another one that I can't think of right off the bat. I think she'll enjoy both. I picked up a couple of other 1/2 oz. bags of different flavors to try myself; and as I was checking out, I began reading some little cards the owner had out on different things--how to brew the perfect cup, how to decaffeinate your tea and a card on Jasmine Pearls. I had never heard of "tea pearls" before and inquired. The owner swung around and gave me a sample jar to sniff. Oh my gawd, the smell alone was heavenly. Of course, I told her to add 1/2 an oz. to try. It's greeen tea leaves that is hand rolled and has essence of jasmine. How unique. I have to admit, the hub brought some type of flowery tea back from China several trips ago, and I have yet to try it. Maybe it's similar. (Sorry hub, I promise now to try it!)

Let me tell you, I got home and boiled some water and brought out my new favorite cup. I added five pearls just like the instructions said and let it steep for several minutes. I added a little sugar and took a sip. I was in heaven. I couldn't help but take it in to the living room to sit on my big red sofa and relax. It is sooooo good. I wish I could send some to everyone, especially Shelley over at Reflections in a Teacup. She's going through some trying times right now and my heart goes out to her. (Don't tell her, but a little care package is coming her way--shhhh.)

I'm already on my third cup today. You can reuse them several times, so they're perfect for three cups. So, if you ever run up against tea pearls, give it a whirl. It's fun and it tastes marvelous!!

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