Monday, April 03, 2006

Baby Pooh?

After staying up very late last night because of the storms that blew through here for several hours, I began wondering about the pictures of Winnie and UIB (unidentified bird). Why we think of such things before falling asleep, I don't know. Anyway, could this latest picture be of Winnie's offspring? The eyebrows are bushy perhaps because he is a newby? There sure was a lot of "poo" in the nest, so there has to be a baby somewhere. Do they grow that fast? The egg was definitely deposited after we left for the beach but could have just been kicked out of the nest much later than it was laid. (This all went through my head last night.) Here's another view of the bird from yesterday on the right--Winnie on the left. Could this be baby Pooh?

I need to get out there and investigate this later this morning. I'll get to the bottom of it and keep you posted. wink.

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Mary Jane said...

Looks like you were definately "up with the birds" this morning! Hope all is well with Winnie and Baby Pooh.
Hope all else is okay in Franklin....heard about the bad storms that you are having. We are going to get some pretty rough weather this evening. Here's hoping it blows over quickly.
Sista in law



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