Sunday, April 09, 2006

The In-Laws are Coming, The In-Laws are Coming!

Gee whiz, were did the time go?? Meanwhile, all of a sudden, I realize the in-laws are coming down on Wednesday! This Wednesday! Where have I been living? I swear, I do this every time. "Oh, I have plenty of time to get the house in order" and then the next thing I know, they're here. Geesh. I think I'm getting a tad too laid back for my own good! There are responsibilities woman!

I cleaned out the pantry today. It wasn't too bad, but bad enough. I thought the pantry was one of those "off-limits" places to the in-laws. (I try and put everything out that's needed to make it easier on them so they won't have to look for stuff.) But last year, Grammy decided there was something she needed out of the pantry. How embarrassing! It was totally in disarray; and of course, if you move one item, there's an avalanche. There was. Poor thing. A whole box of spaghetti spilled out, and you know how that falls--like pick-up sticks. It went everywhere! I felt so bad. And thus the cleaning of the pantry. I have it all arranged nicely--you know, just in case. wink wink.

I've started washing their bed linens as our house sitter just left last week. All the pillows are out in this joyous sun airing. I'm sure as I speak, the cats and probably dog are sprawled out on the bed. They know they're not allowed in there. I need one room that is dander free for any guests that have allergies. This house is a major dander fest. Take it from one who suffers, I know! So, I try and keep them out. Of course, this is their favorite room and bed only because it is off limits!

The boys have straightened their rooms. They don't look as nice as a couple of weeks ago, but hey, it's ok. I don't think the in-laws will come upstairs anyway, which is a blessing. It is always very lived in up here. Although I would love the boys' rooms to stay wonderfully organized, I know this is a losing battle; so why even fight it. If I can see the floor, I'm a happy camper. (Of course, until I get into one of my raging moods when it gets too bad I have to start barking orders to really clean it!!)

I've been making my boxes this weekend and it's fun. The hub is still gone, so I've been free to sit hours on end without too many interruptions; in other words, I haven't had to cook dinner every night! He's stuck in Los Angeles. I can think of a whole lot of other cities I'd rather be stuck in. Oh well, at least he's back on our soil. His flight from Singapore to Tokyo was fine. It was the flight from Tokyo to LA that was delayed three hours. He makes it through customs in LA and everything, even after the delay, only to have Southwest Airlines over book and bump him. Now don't you think if they over book, they should somehow pay? They should at least pay for his hotel room over night. I tell him "This is why I don't travel to Asia." It's a bad enough trip without the hassles of delayed flights, changed schedules, etc. Uh uh, not me baby. I'm staying home where my nerves can be happy. So, anyway, I have another night off. Yea. I can probably get one more box done today--if I get moving on it. Well, probably not. I will get it started though.

I received a lot of goodies from Paper Relics yesterday. What a fun shop. Great for vintage papers. I haven't used any yet, but I do plan to. I also received these little numbers that I found on Ebay. Aren't they adorable? The artist also has an online store, Pawkerchiefs. Please go and take a look! I didn't realize they were on playing cards. What a cute idea. I put the two spring ones in the guest room on the mirror for the in-laws to enjoy.

This one is my favorite:


John Ivey said...

Oh boy, the in-laws. I bet you can't wait!

Rosa said...


Kevin said...


Flying west to east is just a mistake anyway because the time changes work against you. Once you start flying west you should just keep going until you get home from the other side.

Rosa said...

Kevin: I'm still waiting on that new supersonic jet France and Japan are working on. I figure by the time it rolls off the assembly line, I'll just be crazy enough to try it. haha. Thanks for the visit!

John Ivey said...

Wait till they perfect the ramjet. That thing goes mach 10 or something crazy like that. Of course, is only in its experimental stage but someday, maybe not in our lifetimes, but someday it will be New York to Tokyo in just a few hours!

Rosa said...

Roger (ramjet). That's what I'm waiting for!!



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