Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Outfit

Afer reading Ulla's last post, I'm jumping on board her Gypsy Wagon to Merryville! Oh what fun that would be. I have put together this little outfit for the Easter celebration! (Let's just pretend it would look good on me, ok!)

In real life, I have no idea what I'm wearing to church tomorrow. Thank goodness I still have a little tan on my legs from the beach so I don't have to wear hose! I'm not one for dressing up much.

Thanks, Ulla, for the fantasy garb! I could never be this fancy, really.


Mrs. Staggs said...

Dear Rosa, Oh what lovely Easter and Ulla will be the loveliest flowers in the garden. Thank you for the beautiful Easter card and best wishes for a joyous Easter to you and yours!

Ulla said...

Ohhhh Rosa, we will surely be the belles of the ball! Can't wait to try out those dancin shoes... See you there! And thanks so much for playing Merryville with me!!!

Rosa said...

What a fun time at the Merryville Easter Fete.

Nefertitichild said...

Rosa, I love that dress!

I put up my pysanky designs on my family's blog. Hope you like them! Looks like you really know how to enjoy Easter!

Rosa said...

Neferitichild: I wish I could FIT in that dress!! haha. I love your pysanky! Beautiful!!



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