Tuesday, April 18, 2006

First Job

Sniffle, sniffle. My first born is out making a living--well kinda. Today is his first day working at his brand-new part-time job. I can hardly believe it.

Why......it seems like just yesterday I was tickling him on his tummy and chin, saying "Here comes Mr. Tickles." (He would just DIE if he read this now!) And look who has hair on his chinny-chin-chin! Thank GOD it's not me!

And so, another milestone in our lives. My first born is off to work. Someone hand me a tissue!!


raph said...

Here is the tissue!!!! Ha! ha!


Don't cry!!! ;-)

Rosa said...

That has me cracking up! Thanks Raphi!!

Suanne said...

Ha ha ha ... just thinking that I'll see my two boys growing up and before long they'll be out on their own. I know time will fly and it;s just a few short years more to go.

Shell said...

Ah...a milestone. Hugs for you..congrats for him. Babies grow up..sadly enough.

MarkMcL said...

Good luck to Number One Son!

ann said...

mom told me all about j's new job. how's it working out?



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