Saturday, April 29, 2006

Franklin Street Fair

I love this time of year. Franklin holds its annual Spring Main Street Fair. It is always full of wonderful little goodies to buy and it's nice to see all the people come out and support our local artists.

This year, they had this wonderful German, almost life-size, music box (I don't know what else to call it). It was all hand carved and painted beautifully with golds and other lovely colors. The music that it played was so enjoyable, reminded me of the old merry-go-rounds. It was so nice to sit and listen to and watch the rather large characters do their thing. I wish you could hear it. I couldn't help but feel like a child again.

These are some of my favorite booths that were there. I may need to go back tomorrow and see them again. I'm always overwhelmed the first day and always need to think about it before I purchase an item that was to-die-for. Better to sleep on it. I have found some wonderful items in years' past that I absolutely adore to this day. I just can never make up my mind, though, on the spot. The booth on the left was new this year. The one on the right I've seen at several local shows. She works with metals and makes pretty garden and wall hangings. I love the bright colors.

The last one here (above) is a wonderful new artist that took photographs of the old Franklin streetscape and somehow collaged them together which makes for a fascinating view of the old buildings. I have purchased several of his notecards for Christmas and blanks for everyday notes. He's even taken the photos and turned them into paintings on canvas. Really unique work.

And this is one of my favorite buildings on the square. It is so pretty. Wouldn't window boxes full of flowering cascades look gorgeous under these exquisitely large windows? I am always intrigued with the rooftops here. Sometimes, the top floors of these old buildings come up for residential rent. I would love to live up there if it were just me and the hub. The views of the quaint street are breathtaking. Perhaps, one day.

Of course there are several music genres playing about the square. I liked this guy (on the right). He was a little jazzy.

My all-time favorite artist each season is this gentlemen. I'll have to look up his name, sorry I can't think of it right now. I had him draw both of my sons. His technique, using pastels, is fascinating to watch. He uses very fast and quick strokes, removes his hand, studies, and adds some more strokes. He is finished in about 15 minutes tops. Amazing. The finished product is unbelievable. He captures something in the eyes of the kids. I was a little hesitant to have my teenager done, but he convinced me to do so (he was probably about 13). I am so glad he did. He still captured the child within. And, he's the sweetest man. Very gentle and soft spoken.

If I go back for anything, it will be in this booth. I've purchased a birdhouse from this artist before, but this year, he has out done himself! Oh my. I will be dreaming of these tonight--especially the one here on the right. Isn't it absolutely wonderful? The old stained glass caught my eye right away--of course. I make it therefore, I appreciate it, right? There was another one with two old glass panes making the pitched roof. If a bird were to use it, you would be able to see right in to below, a skylight, so-to-speak. Marvelous!

I had a wonderful day just browsing about. It was crowded at first, but then it thinned out a bit so I was able to see a little more. Don't know if I'm going back tomorrow. I'm trying to be good. S-M-I-L-E.



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