Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday's Favorite Corner

I totally forgot about last Friday's corner; wonder what I was doing? Oh well. Today's corner is my side of the bedroom. It is girly girly, but I do need a little femininity every once in a while.

On the chair is the teenager's first Gund bunny that my brother Jim brought to the hospital when he was born. It's so sweet with little velvet paws. The ugly doll is mine--bought in NYC at FAO Schwarz our last time up. See, I'm still not a girly girl. (And yes, that is Ms. Trouble Bev cleaning herself--just dying to get outside!)

I found an old shelf last year sometime that sat around the house until I decided what to do with it. I knew I would find just the right spot. I finally put it up by my bed. My mom had brought some of my old baby clothes down when she moved in with us, so I cleaned them up and thought this would be a cute place to hang and enjoy them.

Since I never really was a girly girl (three older brothers, mind you), I was never really into dolls. These are the only two (on the shelf) I had and I never even named them. They're not really the kind you carry around and play house with (which I don't ever remember doing), and maybe that's why they were never named. My brothers probably would have tore their heads off, I'm sure, if I had showed any interest in them anyway--you know brothers! (I did have a PJ -- Barbie's free-spirited blonde cousin. Hmm, do you notice that back in the 60s, all the dolls were blonde haired and blue eyed. Gee.) The little vintage postcard of the animal circus is something I picked up here or there. Too cute to resist (again).

The two pictures I have hanging are very special to me. The "Flapper" was done by my Aunt Ollie (my father's sister--Ollie Mae Ivey Paris) probably in the roaring 20s. Doesn't she have a wonderful technique? I helped clean her attic out after she passed in the late 1970s and my uncle gave me this. I absolutely treasure it. Next to it is what the hub bought me on our honeymoon in London. Isn't it just the sweetest pen and ink? I love the little angels' faces all puffed up mad about having to hold the bride up among the clouds. I love it!!! I was told by the dealer that the artist usually does equestrian drawings and this was quite rare for her. I don't remember who it was now. Ooops.

Beside my bed, I have my father's prayer card from his funeral. A friend bought me both angels and gave them to me at two different times. They are so precious. One of the boys (or both) have put the angel wings (from the kids' First Communion) and the heart behind the angel. Isn't that sweet? I hadn't even noticed the pipecleaner heart until I took the picture. sniffle sniffle.

The stained glass mirror was bought for me by the hub while we were dating. It's so pretty and I haven't broken it yet in a move! Yahoo.

It has been a really quiet day. Grammy and I got our errands done this morning. She had to do get something at the mall (which I hardly ever go to) and then we made our paska. She was like a nervous new mother over it until it came out just fine. I can't wait to taste it on Sunday! I'll post that later for you.


Mrs. Staggs said...

What lovely boys you have! I love the description of Grammy and the paska. Your corner is beautiful. Our bedroom is where I indulge my girly side too.

Corey Moortgat said...

This shelf is beautiful! I'd love one like that in every room, but my husband wouldn't allow all the "shabbiness"...!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love this corner; you are a skillful person with a good taste decoration-wise ! Your house is as beautiful inside as it is outside!

And your aunt's picture is beautiful. I really like the 1920's...

Rosa said...

Thanks everyone. I do love my little feminine corner too.

Shell said... are the most creative person with the knack for knowing what fits where. I'm in awe. Well done. Your blog is enchanting.

Rosa said...

Thank you so much Shelley! I'm happy you enjoy it!



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