Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Conniption Was Had

I have to admit, after being so relaxed and sweet about having the teenager's friends here all the time and how nice it was that they all felt comfortable in our home, I had a major conniption last night.

The teenager had to work this morning at 9 a.m., so I told him, no friends were to stay over last night. He agreed. I was also looking forward to having my house back from a week's stay from my inlaws. You know, being able to wonder around at odd hours of the night, put my PJs on at an early hour and being able to do what I wanted, where I wanted and when I wanted--not worrying about what I looked like. You know the feeling, the freedom of enjoying your home on the weekends.

So, about 10:30 p.m, the teenager calls, from a restaurant (which he had borrowed some money so he could EAT) to ask a favor. Here we go, I thought. Can some of his friends come over to spend the night? He begged and promised that they all had various jobs in the morning and were coming over and would go to sleep. Well, of course, the sucker that I am, I gave in.

Shortly thereafter, about five gangly teenagers came tramping through the house. I had already changed into my PJs at this time and felt a little trapped in front of the computer unable to even see who was here. I had planned an evening of sitting in front of the TV in our living room and watching whatever I pleased, whatever I found interesting. The pots and pans started clanking, silverware falling (I don't know why they drop everything) and food aromas began to find its way up the stairs. Didn't they just come from eating out? What the *&%$#!!

I started to fume. It was already 11:30 and there was no sign of any of them going to sleep. They were all in various parts of the house--the teenager's room playing games on the pc, in the rec room watching TV, downstairs in the kitchen making a feast of leftovers, boiling pasta, reheating tomato sauce, heating up Lord knows what. The microwave door must have SLAMMED a hundred times. Since I was NOT going to get dressed to go downstairs and investigate and NOT going to put on my robe, I sent the hub in to do the dirty work. He relays my message that everything is to be cleaned up after they're done. Simple enough.

Time slipped away and the teenager appears upstairs about 12:30. He's going to bed! Leaving four other guys downstairs to fend for themselves, again. NUH UH. I pulled him aside and let him have it. What did he tell me? They were coming here to sleep? Yea, right. There's a five-course dinner going on downstairs! I was so mad at him. Just seething. And he doesn't a clue. No idea why I'm so upset. Thinks I'm freaking out over nothing (as usual). I just wanted a free night to do what I pleased, where I pleased! But nooooo, that wasn't to be.

I guess he got the message, because the next thing I knew ALL the boys were in his room and all was quiet. They ALL slept in there. Lord knows where. Usually the cot is pulled out and one extra kid sleeps in his room and the others in the rec room. I wish I had been a were a fly on that wall. I bet there were some really nice things said about me!

Today he has a 7 1/2 hour shift, his longest yet. Serves his butt right. I hope he's totally exhausted when he gets home. And I have a headache that would stop a truck. Serves me right for being so mean.

It's definately an Advil moment. (Used to be a Midol moment.)


Mrs. Staggs said...

Dear Rosa,
I hope that your headache and your day has improved by now.
Sometimes we all just need a break and some time to be and do what we want without having to think of others...I wish I lived closer, we'd have a pyjama party, watch girl movies like Ladies in Lavender and have ourselves some kind of wonderful chocolate dessert! No boys allowed!

Connie and Rob said...

You poor thing. Hope your headache is feeling better. You are way nice. My mother would have never put up with such a thing when I was young.

I so love my space and have jammies on at 9:00pm most of the time. Strange kids in my house just wouldn't go over big.

Hope you get some rest.

Take care,

suanne said...

You have a flair for writing. I enjoyed this blog and can relate to it ... wish I had such talent!

Connie and Rob said...

Just wanted to tell you I received my Vintage package. Oh everything looks so wonderful. I will be taking a picture and posting it on my blog this week.

Thanks so much for puting your heart in this gift because it certainly means a lot. How fun it is to get these Vintage Swaps. Thank you so very much.

Take care,

You should have yours on Tuesday hopefully.

Rosa said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words. I survived. I'm doing better. Just one of those days! giggle.



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