Friday, April 14, 2006

A New Neighbor

Winnie has a neighbor. That is, if Winnie is still living here. (Speaking of Winnie, I may have to keep her deposit on the place, it looks a little trashy.) I saw some new birds leaving the nesting area this morning and thought they looked a little different. These new tenants are house finches and have made the place into a split level. How creative. I had the teenager (who is quite a bit taller than me already) take a photo of the nests so I could see what's happening in there.

Low and behold, on Good Friday, we have five new eggs. Awwww. Congrats to the lovely couple, Fred and Frieda. (One is always on the lookout for Bev--how sweet and brave.) It seems the eggs will incubate for about 10 days (according to my bird guide). I can't wait for my new family to arrive!!

Oh, and by the way, Bev has NOT been allowed outside since the Robin incident!!

Do you think I will ever be able to put my Christmas wreath away? The neighbors are probably wondering what the deal is! haha. Oh well, they all know I'm a little bit off anyway. I call it artsy, who knows what they call it. grin.


Mrs. Staggs said...

Dear Rosa,
Thank you for the link you sent to me so I can NOW see your pictures and leave comments! Hooray!
What a special gift you've been given this springtime. Aren't those eggs a beautiful color? I have finches too, they build their nests in all the vines in my garden and sing such a sweet song. I hope your Easter weekend is lovely.
I too live with boys who don't care for girl movies...enjoy your time with your Mother-in-law. Pride and Prejudice is at the top of my list now!

Rosa said...

Yea Mrs. Staggs! So glad you finally made it. I absolutely love that shade of blue on the eggs. It's the only blue I like. I painted my study almost that exact color. It's so soothing. And we did watch Pride & Prejudice last night. It was fun!



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