Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My First Swap

I just received my first swap (Vintage Housekeeping) from Connie over at Mumbo Jumbo. How lovely everything is. Thank you Connie. Take a look at all my goodies.

First of all, it was all set in an old wash tub. I love it! There are all kinds of cleaning things (which I must hide or else I will have to use them)! I especially love the old wooden clothes pins. Wonderful. And the smell. Connie added some vacuum bag sachets. I was noticing a yuk odor coming from the vacuum today. Just in time! You read my mind, C.She included two magazines, one At Home St. Louis (love it!) and the new MS Living, which I don't have. Perfect again. Can't wait to crawl into bed tonight with the mags, especially the one on St. Louis. (Connie, I meant to add our Nashville magazine and forgot. I'll pop one in the mail to you! I have it right here--duh.)

And take a look at these two beauties. Connie made, yes MADE the apron for me, moi. The fabric is so sweet. And the little sachet bag was chock full of teas. Mmmmmmm. Can't wait to try those! Love to have my afternoon tea. But there's more. Oh yes. Ladies and gents, there is more.

Included in the basin of delights was an "I Love Lucy" (C's favorite show) cookbook. Does it have the recipe for Vitameatavegamin, you ask. Of course it does. Any one dare to make it and drink it? haha. I'll be more than happy to pass it along!

Let's see. What else? Oh! The pretty pink guest towel. Look at the charming embroidery on it. So very exquisite. And...... a darling little tea cup and saucer.. Pretty little flowers, a gold rim. Precious!

I keep my guest towels that I have collected over the years in my guest bath--of course. I slipped my new one in; and it looks as if it has always been there. (After looking at the photo, I may have to add some more vintage huck cloths to my top rack. It looks a little pale in comparison to the bottom towel rack, hehe.) I can't stop saying pretty and sweet and all that, and I'm sorry. But everything is so......well, you know, splendid! Isn't it?

The darling tea cup has found a place on top of my stove right beside my other tea items. It's just waiting for me to brew a cup, or two. Doesn't it look perfect?

Connie, I can't thank you enough. Everything was just perfect. The apron is wonderful. It's almost too pretty to use, but I will, I promise. It won't sit idle. You truly outdid yourself. Thank you so very much my new friend!


Mrs. Staggs said...

My goodness, what a difference a day or two makes Rosa! I'm so glad you are feeling better! Your flowers are so pretty. I especially like your clematis. I'm so happy it's gardening time again. We have leftover ham too...I should try your recipe. Connie outdid herself...my goodness! I love the pretty embroidered things and the teacup, oh and the cool old dishpan...

Connie and Rob said...

You are so very welcome. You made everything look so pretty on your post.

As I mentioned before I received your package too! It is wonderful. I will be posting all about it tomorrow.

It has been wonderful meeting you through the Vintage Swap and I hope we will continue to be best blogging buddies.

Take care,

deni said...

Thank you for visiting. I enjoyed looking at your goodies.

When I am done setting up housecleaning, eventually, I lost steam here and tired of unpacking. Blah. I plan on posting more pics of my new home.

Helen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. That looks like a great parcel of fun gifts! I especially love the apron! Helen

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Rosa...

Well, how lovely of you to stop by and leave such nice comments. Thank you, they are very much appreciated. I just love this blogging! and its great to have a new visitor. I’ve made so many new friends with shared interests.

I’ve enjoy reading the first page of your blog and I shall be back to visit again very soon, but first I had to write a few lines to you. I see we have shared interests too,

Oh! yes Rosa! I just love Rosamund Pilcher’s books too. She is such a descriptive writer, and is so good at setting that mental picture in your mind of what she writes about, you just can’t help falling in love with these places in Cornwall and Scotland, she really does bring them to life as if you know them all personally.

I see you are a Mac user too. My son introduced me to Mac when we were over in Switzerland at Christmas (that’s when I started my Blog, with his help), so he ordered one for me in February. He said how much easier it would be for blogging, loading photographs from the digi camera etc. etc. and it is so simple. that’s how I like things, simple!

What a fab’ vintage swap you sent to Connie. Nice to be able to click on the pictures and enlarge them. Do keep in touch.
Lots of Love - Marion

Magpie said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, that is such a lovely gift, i love putting together parcels like this...you are very lucky


Penny Halston said...

Thanks for the understanding comments on my blog. Only someone who has gone through this can truly understand. It's very comforting to know that you're not alone. Thanks.
Your gift looks lovely and so do the beautiful pictures of your flowers. BTW: I noticed you have a teenager. I have 3 young adults living in my house. I'm sure we could swap some stories.

ms*robyn said...

seems to me you were spoilt as well! this has been such a fun swap and I am so glad that you enjoyed it too. xoxo



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