Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Little Gardening

We're supposed to get a little more rain today. What better time to plant than right before a good soaking. Let nature take over. I finished my window boxes, bringing a little outdoors in for when it's too hot to open the windows. I wish I had a window box outside my bedroom window that I could open my eyes to each morning. I have a whole upper deck to play with, but it's not the same as a sweet window box brimming with pretty flowers. Mine are on the laundry room and guest room windows. The cats get to enjoy the flowers more than I do. They spend more time in there than me. And as for the guest room, I keep the door open so I can enjoy the view each time I walk by. So, overall, not too shabby. Can't wait for them to spread their roots and grow so I can really enjoy them!

Before & After (You can barely see them for the new growth on the hedging!)

I found all kinds of new blooms in my "walk about" today. The peonies are dying to burst open. The ants have already found the sweet nectar. My azaleas are in full bloom. This variety actually bloom twice a year, once in late spring and once in the fall. I had never heard of such a thing. And a double bloom to boot! Sweet! The hedging is so overgrown that I could barely see the clematis hiding behind it. It usually climbs up a post to my little bird house, but it has decided to connect to some of the hedging this season. Everything really needs to be cut back! But it's so pretty au naturale too. What to do, what to do. The roses I think will stay bushy for the time being. Even my basket from last fall has found a rebirth. It's gorgeous! And all I did was start watering it again. What a nice gift.

Now I need to get out and deadhead. Oooh, fun.

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