Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spoke Too Soon

Of course, after I say Same Ol' Same Ol' and the hub leaves town, we get some excitement in the house. Yes, that's a robin. Yes, he's in the kid's room. Yes, it was Ms. Trouble that brought him in.

I'm sitting here, posting and I hear the kid screaming, "MOM!! MOM!!" I go running into his room and this poor robin is fluttering about. The kid's hiding on his bottom bunk covered in a blanket. Bev (Ms. Trouble) is sitting there with an evil grin and mud all over her. Never a dull moment.
Poor little guy was so freaked out. He was just panting as he flew from one high object to another. Of course, he found the airplanes to land on, then the fan and then a light on the top bunk.
It took a little over five minutes to get him out. The kid has two doors going out to the top deck, thank goodness. That made things a little easier. I bet that guy is chirping a sigh of relief, you think?

Hey hub, remember the time with the squirrel in Georgetown? Oh my. We were newly married living on the top floor of an old row house in Georgetown. We had what's known as a railroad flat where the row houses have an open area in between each one--I guess for ventilation. You could look from the bedroom window and see the kitchen window at the other end. Anyway, somehow, a squirrel had fallen from the roof in between into that area. No one was living in the basement apartment at the time, thank goodness. I made the hub go down and open all the windows and coax him out through the back door. He thought I was utterly crazy. He had never come up against such an animal lover, no less now being married to one! The plan worked and the funniest thing happened. After the hub came back upstairs, we were looking out the kitchen window to make sure everything was A-ok. This squirrel (wasn't the same one) came up to the edge of the roof and just looked at us for what seemed like a minute. I swear! It was as if he was saying thank you for saving this little guy's life. He definitely would have died down there with no way out if the hub hadn't saved him. Isn't that just the sweetest story??? I swear, it happened just like that. You can ask the hub. It's one of those moments in your life when you sit back and say "Wow, we're all in this together."


John Ivey said...

Remember Snookums nursing that baby squirrel in the basement that time?

Rosa said...

Yes!! That was funny!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Oh, how cute!...

I remember once that a women I knew (in England) had a robin coming in her house and wandering about nearly every day; this one was not afraid nor panting!!!

Rosa said...

Rosa: That is sweet, as long as he didn't leave a mess behind! This one did, I'm afraid!! Poor little thing.



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