Thursday, May 04, 2006

What a Difference

My magnolia is finally blooming. This is a new tree planted two springs ago. It hasn't grown much since then; but this year, it has finally bloomed. Oh, and the smell. It is absolutely intoxicating. Squeal!

The trimming and mulching finally got done and boy what a difference. I can't even believe how nice it looks. It's been raining off and on for several days and everything is so happy and green. You can finally see the window boxes now. I need to add some more ivy to the box on the left. I have some rooting in my kitchen window that I saved from the winter (from my dad's pot). Probably ok to go ahead and put it out there.

These are the pieces I did break down and buy on my second trip to the Fair last weekend. The first was this adorable Canadian goose on some type of board. It looks old; but you know these days, who knows. But I couldn't resist it, regardless. I lodged it in one of mom's little gardens in the back and she loves it.

The gent who did the bird houses also had some odds and ends. I fell in love with this piece of old fencing. I was positive I could find the right place for it! This may keep Frankie (my mom's dog) out from behind the butterfly bushes--but I doubt it. Always worth a try. This is where I planted all my iris last fall. None came up. Not one! I don't know if Frankie dug all the bulbs up or what. We'll see about next year.

Of course, I did go back to get a birdhouse (as if), actually two. This one was my third runner up (on the left) from the first day. The large beautiful one sold before I got back, which is probably a good thing (ka-ching!). I am perfectly content with this one though. It looks very pretty up against the greens of the foliage and the white of the house. I've even seen birds already checking it out. They don't miss a beat, I tell ya! After speaking with the gent who made it, I told him to come back in the fall (we have two fairs a year). Hopefully, he will. I just love his stuff. He comes up from Texas; and of course, all things from Texas are good, right? (My dad was from Texas.)

This is Nina and Norm's place. When I went out on my side porch to capture the magnolia shot, I heard the little "cheep, cheeep cheeep" of my nuthatches that have taken up residence in this little birdhouse there. As soon as I stopped to listen, it all went silent. I had to giggle because I bet momma (Nina) was in there going "shhhhh little ones -- A HUMAN!" Sounds like a whole bunch are crammed in that little house! I have tried and tried to capture Nina and/or Norm (in a picture); but you know those little nuthatches, they're quick! I just adore their little black caps on their noggins. Too cute! Maybe one day, I'll capture a shot. (I also peeked in on Fred and Frieda's brood today. Let me tell you, that tiny nest is getting kinda tight too! They were all asleep. One opened an eye when I stood on the footstool looking in. I couldn't help but whisper to him that everything was okay. I wonder if he understood I meant no harm. What will he tell Frieda when she comes home? Oh, and by the way, this one knew I wasn't his mother!)

Look at this little adorable book I also found this past weekend. It came with 45 records, I'm sure; but they have been long gone by the looks of it. But how sweet is this? Don't have a clue what I'm going to do with it; but it called to me, and so I answered with a 5 dollar bill.

Oh, P.S. Hotdogs and beans for dinner tonight. I am just totally unmotivated this week in the kitchen department. Uggggg.


ms*robyn said...

you mean . birdies actually nest in the bird houses? wow - I can only dream of that. It doesnt happen here, far as I know.
your home looks divine, something out of a movie. gorgeous.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Yay...for some reason after days of trying I got on to your site! I don't dare click on any pictures though! The babies are adorable. Love the new birdhouse! Oh what lovely May Day baskets and your magnolia is beautiful. Magnolias always bring back memories of when I was a little girl in Alabama. Your window boxes are really nice. Did you plant your irises too deep maybe? They like to be planted very near the surface...just a thought.

Rosa said...

ms*robyn: This is the first year they have nested in the houses. Wrens usually only nest in my plants and wreaths, even had a dove a couple of years' back. But, I suppose the nuthatch needs a little more cover. I'm loving all the new babies this year though. So cute!
Mrs. Staggs: Yahoo! You finally made it! You know, it's possible, but highly unlikely, I planted too deep. I normally just dig a little and throw them in and cover with dirt (lazy gardening). I should do a little excavation and see if they're even there. You would have thought at least one would have come up??

ULLA said...

So glad you got some of those birdhouses! Love the magnolia! and what a charming garden...

Fizzy said...

Isn't it wonderful when spring finally takes hold of the garden... I love it.
Your magnolia looks absolutely fantastic.

Connie and Rob said...

What a perfect magnolia. I bet that tree is just beautiful when it has more than one bloom on it. Your garden is just lovely.

Take care,



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