Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sculptures from Victoria & Albert Museum, London

After viewing Michelangelo's Moses in Rome many years ago, I have since been fascinated with marble sculptures. I simply cannot see how anyone can get such life-like figures from a piece of rock. It is absolutely amazing to me. Standing before Moses, I could almost see the blood rushing through his veins. I will never forget being totally awe-inspired by its detail.

I'm sharing with you some of the sculptures at the Victoria & Albert Museum. It's my all-time favorite museum and one I can spend days in. That says a lot from a person raised in Washington, DC, who had to spend almost every spring weekend as a child "showing" visitors the museums there. My aunt and uncle owned a sightseeing company; and whenever a child remotely close to "my age" visited, I was to escort them around. I am totally burned out on museums--which is quite a shame. I do, however, always enjoy V&A. I think my English blood runs deeper and thicker than any other that I have. I told the hub just tonight, we may just have to retire in the English countryside. He laughs at me. (He wants to retire in New Zealand!) Aren't we the crazy ones--to be living apart during our golden years!

I didn't write down any of the names or artists, I just admired them. I wanted to touch each piece (but I didn't). I apologize for some of the lighting and focusing. My camera gives me a fit every once in a while, especially in artificial lighting situations. Hope you can see the beauty from these not-so-great pictures.

As I was exiting the museum (differently than the way I entered), what a joy it was to behold a glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly! People must have looked at me as I gasped!! Take a look at his chandelier right smack-dab in the middle of the rotunda. (I was willed to exit here!) I have (also) been fascinated with his glass blowing; so what a bonus, indeed. How spectacular this piece is in person. You need to go to his link to get better detail of this monumental piece.

And you know what's so fantastic about London? Even though I came out in a totally different part of London (or so it seemed) than where I entered from, I was able to walk a block or two and find the Underground--voila, a ticket home! So great, that tube!

P.S. The hub and kid went to the Science Museum while I was at V&A.


paris parfait said...

Ah, the V&A - my favourite! Almost every time I'm in London, I'm there! Those sculptures are gorgeous, as is the Seattle glass artist's chandelier; the wrought iron collection; the Asian art; the Arts & Crafts. I just love it. When I first saw the chandelier at the V&A, I assumed it was Venetian. A few visits later I finally paid attention to the American maker. Did you see the Modernism Exhibition?

Linda said...

Rosa-I hope, even though you are burned out on museums, that you will one day come to Paris and let me show you the sculptures in the Louvre. There are two there by Michaelangelo that you would be amazed by. And then there are Winged Victory and Venus di Milo. I'm not into sculpture but these take your breath away.

Rosa said...

Tara: I missed that exhibit somehow. (Since I don't normally do museums, I always hit them haphazardly--somehow missed this area.) I had also just missed an exhibit of Anna Piaggi's fasions--by a day!!
Linda: I will have to take you up on your offer. I loved the Louvre when I was there in '87. (Had not yet discovered Michaelangelo. His pieces are truly unforgettable.) Perhaps it's only American museums I cannot tollerate (?). Gee.

Ulla said...

Gorgeous photos Rosa, Something about marble that is so soothing and stunning at the same time. Perhaps you'll have to have a place on both sides of the world when you retire... Certainly allows you to pick and choose which season you want to be in...



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