Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I had terrible allergies last night. I worked out in the yard and paid dearly for it. I've had mild allergies since in my 30s, but after moving to Tennessee, they have run amuck.

Two years ago, I finally broke down and got tested because they had become so bad. Yep, I was allergic to just about everything; but most of all, my dear babies--cats and dogs--were at the top of my list. Well Zyrtec took care of that just fine. It was the dust and the outdoor stuff that came in a very close second. The winter time is bad for dust, but that's manageable. But come springtime, . . . achewy! And itchy. And watery. Just bad. I started having allergy shots along with every other antihistamine that was on the market that the doc prescribed for me. I was a walking zombie. I did it all until one day I had a really bad reaction from one of the shots and became violently ill. I was afraid to go back after that. I then became tired (literally) of being tired all the time and weaned myself off all those pills too. I still have to take Zyrtec, Lord forbid I don't; but the others were just too much. I try to do what I can with herbs and essential oils.

Yesterday, after scratching and rubbing all the makeup off my eyes (lovely), I went to Wild Oats (our Whole Foods, Bread & Circus, Fresh Fields, etc.). and bought all my essential oils to make my own concoction for allergies. Who knows how many drops I added of each, but this is the jest by most amount on top:

            • Roman Chamomile (there is a difference in chamomiles, so smell before you buy)
            • Lavender
                  • Lemon
                  • Eucalyptus (only a couple of drops will do of this!)
                  • Peppermint

I mixed it all in a little bottle. It is then ready to use on my small quilted flannel square (that I had purchased from a vendor at last year's Franklin street fair) and I carry it around with me. Whenever I feel a little clogged or runny or itchy, I sniff it. Oh, and if you leave it in the car in the summer months, the heat activates the oils and it makes the car smell sooooo good!


John Ivey said...

I feel for you baby sister, I really do. My nose gets stopped up, and I'm miserable. I can't imagine what you go through. I guess you take what life dishes out and deal with it, huh?

Suanne said...

Hi Rosy,

I'm allegic to pollen too. I love spring but the pollen is just nuisance. I have itchy skin, stuff up nose, watery eyes, etc.

I hate to take those allergy medications as they made me feel very tired and lousy the whole day.

I really feel your misery and I hope your herbal remedy works for you.


ms*robyn said...

ooh I suffer dreadfully from hayfever. I actually use a homeopathic spray which helps really well. Plus drink lots & lots of water to flush those allergens out!
on really bad days I resort to the dreaded pseudoephyridine(sp?) or a nasal spray -yick
hope you are feeling better real soon xoxo

Connie and Rob said...

My allergies have been bad also. I hope you have good luck with your mixture. Much better than taking yucky medicine.

Hope you feel better very soon,

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That's really not funny! Normal medicine can be really toxic and very bad for the health (while trying to treat an illness, it sometimes creates a new ones)!... Anyway, get better!

Essential oils are very good and work well. My boyfriend has teeth problems (dreadful pains). He uses tea tree oil and that is radical.

Bud said...

There's a lot of pollin out there this time of year. This is antihistimine time.

Linda said...

I use Claritine for my allergies. I am allegic to everything green-except money. In the Spring, it isn't enough and then I use a nose spray that has cortisone in it. It really does the trick for me. It will require a prescription, of course.
By the way, I am Dianne's sister-she used to live across the street from you.



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