Monday, May 08, 2006

Nina & Norm

I finally caught the very private nuthatch couple in action. Yes, I did have to hide behind the screen door, but I did capture them feeding their babies. One will go in the box while the other waits on the tree limb. Then when that one exits, the other swoops in. They take turns feeding the babies. Isn't that sweet? Just like every young family should do, take turns in the feeding routine--hehe.

There's a mocking bird that is harassing the heck out of them. I don't know if he is after the babies or not. They are completely safe in this box though. I can't believe they can get in and out of that tiny hole! But they manage somehow.

Isn't Mother Nature grand? Oooh, what I would do to be able to peek in and see all the babies like F&F's nest. They are so precious! I was so excited to see five little heads peeking up yesterday. Boy, are they scrunched in there, or what? I just want to tap each one on the head! You should hear them when momma comes in to feed them. It gets so loud with their growing voices. I love it! This is another shot from yesterday. Look at the little one in the middle being kept warm by his brothers and sisters. Awwwww. So sweeeeeet! Tweet tweet!

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Shell said...

How wonderful. Aren't they cute!



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