Thursday, May 25, 2006


As promised, here are the goodies I brought back from Bejamin Pollocks' Toy Shop. Paper items are so easy to pack and light on the feet! My general shopping rule-of-thumb in other countries is to only purchase items that can't be found here in the states--well, mostly. Admittedly, I did get a couple of bottles of Penhaligon perfumes--Castile for me (I normally prefer a unisex scent) and Bluebell for my mom. (The salesman told me that the Queen wore Bluebell and Princess Diana fell in love with the scent and swiped her bottle! Hey, I'm only repeating what I was told!) I'm sure you can get Penhaligon somewhere in the states; but I fell in love with the scents and just broke down. (My usual perfume purchase in London is Floris which is available at Nordstroms' now but not in Limes, which is what I wear. Hmm, getting a little low, shoulda' got me another bottle of that!) Yes, I know you can get some Kenneth Turner products here too, but, again, I hadn't seen the Blue Tangerine scent in the states. (Just covering myself with the hub--hehe.)

I bought a lot of cards (card addict here)--post cards, blank cards, etc. Punch and Judy cards were prevalent and I picked up quite a few of these. They are a puppet combo that date back to the 1600s (hard to conceive, eh!).

I added a couple of paper dolls and jumping jacks to my previous years' collection (which I have yet to put together!). I'm not quite ready for the theatres yet. They would get destroyed in my house! They are too expensive to see them get torn up. And so, I settle for these in- expensive items.

They are too much fun anyway.

Hey, just because I am a grown woman, it doesn't mean I can't play with dolls! You see, as a child, I was more of a Tomboy. I never really cared for dolls. I guess I make up for it now. (Not that I truly play with them, mind you--more like admire them.)

And here are some sensational embossed cutout sheets that will be wonderful for my boxes! How exquisite are these? Just sitting there in a box, calling to me. I almost missed them over by the toys--not with the other paper items. Eeegads, if I had!

(Pardon the chambray sheet!)

Last, but not least, is this lovely Victorian scrapbook that was just leaning up against the wall. I am so tempted to cut it up and use some for collages. Dare I? This was the most expensive item I purchased it at just over 19 British pounds. Oh well, what can I say. It was calling my name!


paris parfait said...

What wonderful, creative finds! You'll have so much fun figuring out ways to use all your purchases. You're right about paper being easiest to pack; best to avoid too many breakables (says she, whose luggage is always filled to the rim and sometimes she even has to buy extra luggage). :)

Rosa said...

Oh believe me, I learned the hard way! The last time I was in London, I did have to buy another bag. (This time, I just packed an extra duffle!) ;-)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What you bought looks very nice! I really like the Victorian scrapbook and the postcards...

I'm a bit like you, although I'm a grown woman I still like what some may consider to be children's objects!...

Peggy said...

what a nice surprise I had in my mailbox this afternoon! A lovely postcard from a dear lady all the way from London! How sweet you are to think of me while on your trip! I truly love it and have a special project I am working on with my postcards that I will use yours in a special place! Hugs and many thanks!!!

Connie and Rob said...

Oh your treasures are just wonderful. I would have had so much fun with you. You would have probably had to leave me and come husband gets a little crazy with me cause I have to touch everything.

You are a lucky girl. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure with us.

Take care,



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