Saturday, May 13, 2006

Oh, The Life of a Dog (and a Cat and a Lot of Ants!)

Gee, it's a beautiful day. Absolutely perfect weather. No humidity. Nice gentle breeze. Summer is just around the corner. The animals are enjoying the coolness before the heat and humidity hit. Not that they mind it as much as I do. I absolutely melt. Can't stand it. And don't do too well in it. So, I should say, we all are enjoying this lovely weather.

As I was making my Saturday watering rounds, I came upon my ficus which sits in our living room. Last week, I had noticed a line of ants coming in through a crack in the French door leading out to our deck. I sprinkled some Buhach around and took the pot outside and cleaned out the tray and everything--no sign of ants there. Brought it back in and didn't give it another thought. Today, as I am watering, I see the ants are back and not just a few! There was a major army at work here, all perfectly lined up and entering into the pot. I looked outside and see where they were coming in from this time. I sprinkle my Buhach into the hole, asked the hub to take the tree outside and then sprinkled my powder all around the floors where they were (and stepped on the few that were left. (I'm itching just thinking about it!!!) When I lifted the tree from it's pot outside, I could see they were nesting in there!! EWWW! (Now I'm scratching.) Those little buggers had started burrowing in my tree soil! Ewwww. Now, I have Buhach all over my floors, dead ants everywhere and no tree (it has been relocated to the trash can!). Oh yes, summer is right around the corner!

For those of you not familiar with Buhach, it is a natural insecticide that is the best stuff. I don't even remember where I first found it. I now order it from Solutions Catalog. All it is crushed pyrethrum flowers. It works wonders too. It's a beige powder so it doesn't look as bad as the white diatomaceous earth (which I've used for silverfish--ewwwwww). You can also pile it up and light it as an incense when you are sitting outside to keep the mosquitoes away. A can lasts forever. So much better than all those chemical insecticides on the market today. Not good.

I think I'm going to go take a shower now. (scratch scratch)

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