Monday, May 08, 2006

Motivate Me

(Artwork by Corey Moortgat)

I tell you, after reading so many delightful blogs on this and that, how can one not become inspired by it all? One special person will lead you to another and so on and so on and so on. It definitely motivates me to do things I wouldn't normally be doing during the day (and some nights too!).

I try and visit all my listings of favorite blogs each day. I always find something that inspires me to do at least one thing that I wouldn't normally do that day. It could be a tiny little action or I may be totally moved to start something that is way beyond me. Even a special meal from one of the food blogs I visit. I never know from day to day what I will find and what I will do with it.

Last week, in one of my visits to a favorite blog, Corey's, I read her post on an art raffle. I had never heard of the online store she was referring to, Manto Fev. You know I'm always up for a new store. The owner's husband has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. The raffle was held to help with their medical costs. (The raffle has ended--I didn't win anything--but you can still donate!) After entering several of the raffles, I mosied on over to their on-line store. Wow. What neat stuff. Today, my stuff came in!

The first items that caught my eye were these glass bracelets from India. I used to wear these, in my younger, single days. When I was still living at home, our next door neighbors were from Pakistan. (Oh the aromas coming from their kitchen.) They were such a nice family. The mother didn't speak English but the daughters would translate for us. They were always bringing over their basmati rice for me, which they knew was my favorite. One day, they came knocking on our door and asked me to come outside, "Momma" had something for me. They had just returned from a trip back home and "Momma" had brought back these beautiful red glass bracelets. She wanted to put some on me. Of course, I was thrilled because they were so unique and jewelry--especially bracelets--had always been one of my favorite fashion statements (and still is.) They were so small, she had to squeeze my hand really tight and work them on. Several broke in the process, but that was to be expected. Momma told me that all the young single women wore the pretty red ones in Pakistan. She probably put at least a dozen on me, all of the same red with a light bit of gold wash dispersed around. I wore those bracelets for years! Occasionally one would break and leave me with one less, but all-in-all, they lasted a pretty long time for me and glass. The last two held out until I finally broke them off the day of my wedding. I didn't feel it "went" with my formal ensemble of the day. I still have those pieces today, somewhere. So, when I saw these, I had to get some, just for old times' sake. Lord knows (again) what I will do with them. Maybe when my nieces visit, I will give them some. You don't think these little things will fit over my fat hands these days do you? No way! Look at how they fit around three of my fingers! Geesh!

I also bought some buttons to use on my boxes. I like to use them on the lids to add some depth here and there. Look at some of these beauties. I LOVE the little one front and center. It is adorable! I'll save that for a special box. Take a look at these pretty glass ones. They only had two of the red buttons left, and then I got the pretty green ones and the little doggie cabochon--again for my boxes, I guess.

I also found these odd little match boxes, for use in restaurants, I suppose. (I put the buttons in the compartment so you could see how small they really are.) They reminded me of little houses so I got a couple to make into such--I think. Ulla did a posting on her daughter's Fairy Corner in her bedroom. It was adorable. I can just imagine Ulla doing something really special with one of these little boxes. Wouldn't it make a fabulous Murphy bed for a little person? One of my favorite books when I was growing up was "The Borrowers." To this day, when something is lost, I like to think a little person is only borrowing it. What a wonderful tale. Couldn't get either one of my boys to enjoy it like I did though. Oh well. I tried, even bought the entire series for them. Perhaps it's time for me to read it again. Ya think? Now if my match boxes start disappearing, I'll know exactly where they've gone and for what--for beds under the floor boards, no doubt!

Oh, and Corey's piece up at the top--it's mine. Yep, I finally bought one. I love it. Isn't it exquisite? I went over to her online store and finally decided which piece I really wanted. She popped it in the mail, and I got it on Saturday. I am delighted to finally see one of her collages up close and in person. It is about 8 1/2 x 11. Much better in person, of course. I'm going to hang it in my bedroom once I finish redoing it--the bedroom, that is. The little quote by the bird says "Isn't it lovely to have complete control of your life." Ha. If only! And her with a little baby, spurting out phrases like that! She makes it all look so easy! Thank you Corey.


Connie and Rob said...

Dear Rosa,
I just love your story about the bracelets. They are very pretty.

I just think it is wonderful to see what makes certain people so happy. I just recently went to the antique mall with my husband. I think it took me forever to get down one aisle. I was in the mood to touch everything. It just amazes me that everything there has a story.

Take care,

Mrs. Staggs said...

I enjoyed hearing the bracelet story too...I didn't know there was any particular reason for them, other than they are so pretty!

paris parfait said...

Wow! Such gorgeous things and a terrific bracelet story. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing these beauties.

Corey Moortgat said...

Oh, it certainly isn't easy, but every so often, you do get this feeling of bliss, you know? Again, I'm so glad you like the piece! :)

ms*robyn said...

oh, I had bangles like these when I was young too - you mean, you can still buy them? I must get me some for sure!!



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