Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday's Favorite Corner

I chose this corner today mostly because the rest of my house is a total disaster! My bedroom looks like Hurricane Rosa just hit it (actually, it did!) and the rest of the house isn't far behind. I haven't had much of an inclination for straightening up this week.

This is the back corner of our study. The rocking chair was purchased only because it was not your traditional style of chair. Since we have no "set" style or period in our house, we thought this would match with the eclectic flow. It does the job. The pillow is one the hub brought back from Jim Thompson's in Bangkok. Their silks are beautiful. I don't care for a lot of the patterns, but the light florals are very pretty.

The hub purchased this Edison cylinder phonograph before we were married. It used to play quite well. He had it worked on when he first got it to make sure it was in perfect working order. (Boy, those days are gone! hehe) There once was a leather tension band that would make the cylinder turn after being wound. The pre-teenager toddler wanted to see just how much that little band would stretch one day when I wasn't looking. He did quite a number on it. The horn is still in its original colors, the beautiful morning glory pinks and yellow. It too has had its number of scratches and pings over the years; but to me, it only adds to its beauty. I can tell you where each scratch or ding came from--what move or what child. Obviously, we don't collect to invest. Our pieces are part of the family. (It doesn't mean that I didn't just about DIE when the toddler broke the band!! But I've learned over the years what is important and what is not. How many times had we played that thing, anyway?)
And, so, yes the toddler also got a hold of the hub's Philco. He collected old radios when we met and had some beauties by the time I came on board--still does, for that matter. All working, with the aid of an antenna, of course. Again, the toddler/preteenager punched out every label on the channel disc. I believe this one was from Northeast area of the United States because it had all the old New York radio stations embossed on the plastics discs that you could rotate to (kind of like our "set" buttons now). You would just rotate the handle to the station you liked. We have several throughout the house but hardly ever turn them on. I do have a desktop (deco in style) that we still use. I'll have to share that later. It's in our dining room.

How sweet is my little miscegenated couple? They are made of Appalachian wool but are very soft. I picked them up at an after-Christmas sale in Atlanta many years (speed shopping).

Wow, that was an easy corner--nice and unclutterd. I liked that. Not too much information to hand out. One day, the kids' kids will read this and say "Gee, your mom sure did have a lot of junk you got rid of!" ha.


John Ivey said...

Cool corner. My favorite so far.

paris parfait said...

It's a GREAT corner, full of unique and interesting things. As for speed shopping, I call it "power shopping" and I have lots of experience. :) If only someone would pay us to shop!

Shell said...

I love this. Your house is so beautiful and homey.



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