Thursday, August 03, 2006

That Boy is a P-I-G, Pig

After lecturing the teenager for the past two weeks about his laundry, this is what I woke up to in his bathroom this morning. Granted, it's been a frat house here for the past week. He's had at least three friends sleeping over every night. (That's a whole other issue. ) But after his agreeing last night to "do better," I was amazed (not) that he is still leaving his dirty clothes on the floor. And, do you think he could use a towel twice? Uh uh.

Tuesday, I just let him have it. Again, as in my previous Pig Sty post, I just couldn't take it any longer. I had walked by his bathroom (which he shares with the kid--poor guy) for the past two weeks willing myself not to touch all the dirty clothes on the floor. "He'll eventually pick them up and walk the 5 steps and put them down the laundry shoot." Yes, we have a laundry shoot--which makes it even more pathetic that he can't keep his dirty clothes off the floor. Finally, I couldn't take it any longer. I kicked them all into the shoot. And there they have sat.

I made it a point not to wash his clothes. I knew, (thought) eventually, he would ask about clean clothes (the nerve) and then I would be able to turn the situation right back to him. Last night, it happened. He started looking for a piece of clothing to wear today. (Today, the juniors go to school to get their lockers assigned and pick up books from their classes.) As soon as he opened the shoot door, I caught him. I told him all his clothes would sit there until he decided he was going to wash them. I was not going to wait for him to gather two weeks' worth of dirty clothes for me to wash. He said ok, no fight. And so they sit.

And, so when I returned to the house this morning after the frat brothers had left, this is how his bathroom was left.

All of these clothes are going right back in the hamper. I refuse to touch them. My only concern is that he will try to jam them all into the washing machine at once. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for when he decides he has no clean clothes to wear. Grrrrr.

In other news, my boxes from DC arrived today. After I packed up all our junk from the attic, I took them to my brother to ship from the shop (what we've always called our photo business' office). They arrived today. Among other junk, I had shipped some of my artwork from high school. There is one piece that I want to frame just because there's something about it that I like. It's the one of the closet and the clothes hanging. It's probably done at our house because my mom used to always iron in the afternoon and hang the clothes up by the closet. And, of course, this is the one that has had the most damage to it. It's very brittle from being in the attic for so many years (1977--eeeek) and was all folded up on the corners.

I think I'll take it in today and see what can be done. Looks like a piece for the bedroom or bath. Yea yea, if I hang it in the teenager's bathroom, maybe he'll get the idea that most clothes are meant to be hung. Hmmmm, you think it would work? Naaaah, I don't either.


Shell said...

I know what might work for him to keep his clothes picked up...just tell him a photo of his dirty undies will go up on the net. LOL!!!!

heatherandrea said...

Yes!!! Tell him lots of hot chicks are seeing all his dirty clothes! Some of us could be girls at school or the moms of girls at school! Perhaps he'll be mortified?

cityfarmer said...

I have an idea. . .tell him he needs to try the laundromat this week. . .quarters and all (soap) must come out of his pocket. . .or maybe for a couple of weeks.
these kids know our soft spots and they need to know where the line is.

MOM is not the maid.

Check out my favorites list. . .you'r TTHHEERREEE.

Janet said...

I have so been through this with my son and my daughter! Hang in there.

I like the clothes hanging in the closet, too. The black and white, and the squiggly lines are just perfect. Too bad it got crunched on the edges.

John Ivey said...

A pig says, "Uh." Pull it by its tail, it says, "Uh-uh."

-Bill Ivey

miss*R said...

oh my - that surely brings back memories of when my son was living at home - I am soooooooo glad that he is someone else's problem now - hee hee - poor Rosa. I can send ms*sophie over if you are wanting a gal. hee, hee - she is worse!

paris parfait said...

You're so funny! My daughter was bad about leaving messes behind, but the good news is, once she went to college, her tidiness increased! So there's hope for the teen yet. :) I like your art and drawings - glad they survived the storage and the journey.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Oh I remember those days!
My daughter, 24, who`s now finished Unniversity and off living in Toronto ( a bit scary for Mum, but she`s a real city girl) used to have every square inch of her bedroom floor covered in clothes. I`m not exagerating. It was a wonderland for the cats, so luckliy she always kept her door closed. The funny thing was though....she dressed from a selection of those clothes every day and still managed to look fantastic LOL Happy to say she`s not quite as messy now.

tea xo

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Poor Rosa... I really had to laugh when reading your post! I'm sure that if he knew his dirty washing (undies especially) would end up on your blog, he'd change his mind very quickly ;-)))!!!

littlejennywren said...

My two teenage sons share a bedroom and they are both totally disgusting but they think the other one's mess is more digusting than their own. If the foreign mess moves over into their part of the room immediate action is taken. I don't know how they can tell where their part of the room starts and finishes because usually you can't even see the floor.

Linda said...

This used to drive me crazy as well. I finally decided that it didn't bother them so I cleaned their bedrooms once a week whether they needed it or not-hah-and washed their clothing. I just got tired of having unmet expectations. One son is now married to the world's worst housekeeper and their clothing, while clean, is never put away, just in piles around the bedroom. The other son loves a clean house and his wife finally got a cleaning lady to help. My mother was a fanatical housekeeper. You can literally eat off her floors if you want. Everyone is always amazed when they visit. It drove me nuts that she made me make my bed every single morning. Come to think of it, I think she did my laundry. We had to iron everything in those days and she did most of that.

Vita said...

Hi, Rosa. I hope your closet drawing finds a frame some way. My brother color copied some old poster sized thing a great aunt had done, and it came out looking marvelous. It's framed and on my wall. I really like your drawing.



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