Thursday, August 31, 2006

Going, Going, Almost Gone!

Don't forget the auction for a good cause over at Peggy's that's going on right now. Monday's items end tonight at 8 p.m.!! (Well, that could be her and Miss Diva, ya think?)


Vita said...

Hi, Rosa. This is off topic, and I really like your picture, by the way, but do you know anything about piano moving? I need to move my mother's baby grand half way up the state, along with some furniture, and don't know if Bekins or other moving company are up to moving very old decrepit pianos. Do you know?

Connie and Rob said...

Very cute picture.

The auction has some really fun things.

Take care,

Vita said...

Thanks, Rosa. Sammie is pretty funny! I saw a picture of her piano, too.

Medieval Lady said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the notes you left in my blog.

Peggy said...

Rosa if that was me and Miss Diva she would be the one on my back... thats what Diva's do or so SHE thinks! LOL



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