Monday, August 14, 2006

Treasures from My Childhood

I opened a box that I had sent back from my mom's. Only one box, and it was a little one. Not, this one, mind you. The rest, I have already put in the basement for a later date. This one was small enough for me to carry into the house. It was mostly pictures, but it did have a couple of items I had forgotten about. It was so hot up there and I was just wanting to get it done and over with, that by the end, I was literally just throwing stuff in boxes and sealing them. Lord only knows what's in all the others!

I had just thought about this piece only months before. I had no idea I still had it! My Aunt Ollie (my father's sister), traveled the world while I was growing up. She always brought me nice things from all around. I have no idea where this little sewing kit came from, it could be from the States for all I know; but I just adored it. I was so happy to find it in the attic among all my junk. What a pleasant surprise! It now sits proudly in my little sewing tray on my nightstand. (I've been working on this bee pin cushion for months. Actually, I haven't picked it up in months!!)

My Aunt Ollie also brought me back this lovely little bible from Bethlehem in the 60s. I used to love to leaf through it as a child and look at the pictures and especially read all the items in red. It has lost some of its mother-of-pearl inlay, but it's still in pretty decent shape. It too sits on my nightstand.

This little box of dominoes belonged to my Grandma Rosie. She was a domino-playing Texan! She loved her dominoes like no other. I can still see her big old hand slapping those pieces down on the table. It brought her so much joy and she would play with anyone who would sit with her. I'm sure my Aunt Ollie bought these somewhere just for her. They have an art nouveau pattern on them but they are plastic. But, it's a very heavy plastic, and the sound they make is very distinctive. I have no idea how old they are. I never remember Grandma playing with these. By the time I can remember, she was playing with the really large ones because she was already old (or so it seemed to a child).

I'm not sure of the story behind this little pin. My mom has always loved bulldogs, coming from Georgia. She finally got one when I was about 20. This piece looks old but I'm just not sure where it came from. It was in her bathroom, of all places. It needs a little cleaning, but it's just precious.

I'm almost tempted to look through the other boxes, but I really don't want to. I'd rather wait until I'm a little older so I can divvy it out to the kids. That is, if they want it, ha.


Shell said...

Such treasures! Don't you just love finding stuff you forgot about? I get cleaning my garage and get lost in looking at what's in boxes and forget what the job I came to do.

My house is tiny..but when I win the lottery, I'm going to have all my treasures out where I can enjoy them.

Thanks for sharing.

Janet said...

Such great little treasures. I think it is so important to have little things like this that have a story attached to them. It somehow keeps us connected to the people we love.

miss*R said...

oh what treasures you have there! I love the bible, how special that is.
ps - if you want to know how to do the fabric printing, email me & I will email you how I did it. I was going to post it on my blog but it was a long winded explanation hee, hee.

Connie and Rob said...

Really nice keepsakes. It is so nice to be able to have those and hand them down as years go by. I love the bilble.

Take care,

Tammy said...

I remember Dominoe's being a big thing while I lived in Texas!
Lot's of cool stuff you have there!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I've enjoyed hearing the memories these lovely things hold for you.
I lived in Texas for awhile as a child and I remember Dominoes, but I can't remember if the two memories are connected. Oh dear...I'm having another one of THOSE moments!
Beautiful post Rosa!

PEA said...

I love finding childhood treasures that I didn't even know still existed!! I've kept quite a few things from my sons' childhoods and will give it all to them soon...I know they'll be surprised:-) Love everything you showed on your pictures...chilhood momentos are the best!!

Beth said...

OH,,I love childhood treasures. That is the neatest little sewing kit,,and the bible is awesome. I have a few of my childhood treasures,,but not as many as I wish I had. Now,,send me one of those dominoes and I will make you a awesome necklace for you,,I will send you some pics of the necklaces I make from dominoes. They are fun to make!
Take care Rosa! Oh,,scrapbook store that I go to is in Bellevue, wonderful store and owner,,its called "Paper Moon",,its on Old Harding Road in the shopping center where Antonios restuarant is located.
Check it out.

slap me happy said...

it is realy nice to find wee treasures from your past, I will probably be doing the same next week on my first trip home in over 10 years not lived at home for over 14 years now so should be fun and maybe a bit weird to be in my old bedroom.
take care
xx shona

Peggy said...

a trip down memory lane each time you open a box!



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