Friday, August 11, 2006

I Just Love Nashville

Now here's a story you won't hear too often. When I left for DC, what, three or four weeks ago, I had packed a couple of items in my bag that was to be checked--mainly a screwdriver and my little pocketknife (needed at my mom's house). At the last minute, the hub tells me to just check it at the gate so we don't have to wait for it at the baggage claim. Well, of course, I forgot I had these two items in it. And, of course, they said I would have to either check the bag (which I didn't have time to do at that point) or leave the items with them. I asked if I could pick them up on my arrival back into Nashville, and they said "Sure." (And I thought "yea, sure" right back at them!)

Well, I forgot when I arrived to go by the curbside check in counter to see if my items were there. I had pretty much written them off. But, today, when I was dropping the hub and friend off at the airport, I remembered. Little did I think my things would still be there, but guess what? They were. And the guy was so nice, he remembered my screwdriver and little pocket knife and knew exactly where they were! Now, how's that for nice? I am so amazed. Coming from DC, I can't even imagine anything remotely similar happening at an airport there. I mean, as soon as I walked away, they would have been gone, guaranteed!

I wouldn't have missed the screwdriver much, but I love my little Swiss army knife! Isn't it sweet! I use the little scissors all the time!


Mrs. Staggs said...

What a nice thing to have happen after the whole DMV debaucle earlier in the week. Glad to hear it worked out. I carry a little knife on my keychain that I use pretty often too.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i cantbelive u got them back..

i am gonna add u to my blogroll so i dont forget to stop by...i have memeroey loss issues and if i dont have u down, i forget to come over...i am bad that way:)

Janet said...

Wow...I had a mini Leatherman tool on a keychain, just going to see my hubby off on a flight from Burbank Airport and they confiscated it. I asked if I could return to pick it up after his plane left and they told me no!!

Colette said...

Amazing that the screwdriver and pocketknife were still there! Gives you a good feeling. You're right about DC - hehe! I'm not from there but I lived there for many years. :)

Tammy said...

now that is really nice that you got that is tight since this latest threat...I heard they are even making women sip their own breast milk that they have in bottles for their babies!!

Shell said...

That is quite amazing indeed!! I've never heard of that happening at all. Good for you!


paris parfait said...

Well that is amazing! In London I left a pair of prescription sunglasses at the Eurostar security machine and came back five minutes later and they were gone. And they were prescription - of no good to anyone else. Probably because they were Armani. Someone thought they could sell them. Sigh. Glad you got your tools back!



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