Saturday, August 12, 2006

Forty-Five Items!

I simply can not believe the supply list for 7th grade! Yes, there are 45 items on the list! I may have to sell off some furniture in order to get all this! I mean, how do people do it? Forty-five items!! Whaaa?

So, guess where I'm off to? Probably to get about 20 of the 45. Everything else will be sold out because I waited so long. Then the kid will get upset and terrified that he will get in trouble for not having each of the 45 items on the first day of school. How do they even expect these kids to get 45 items to school? Guess I will be driving him on the first day. Oh well, I always do anyway. It's my sad day when I drop him off. Sniffle sniffle.

I certainly don't remember having to buy supplies like this. Do you? I mean, yes, the basics. Like what ever happened to the good old days of a pencil, some paper and an apple for the teacher?? These days they ask for specifics: "Acme' scissors, "Office Max" #2 pencils, "Hilix" wood ruler, "Avery" highlighters. Yea, right. Like I'm going to run around town and try and find each item as listed.

I don't think so, Scooter.


paris parfait said...

FORTY-FIVE items??!! That is a lot. And what do people who can't afford all those things do? Seems a little extreme.

kansasrose said...

Yes Rosa it seems the list gets bigger every year...My 8th grader and I are going out today shopping for clothes and supplies. Alex is always very wise with her money. She really needs a new back pack but said the one she has is really fine. She is always mindful that others are not so fortunate. So many of her generation and unfortunately mine also are not...You seem to be a very caring person Rosa...I read earlier in your blog where you took in a bipolar friend in need. I like reading about people who do these little kind is a rarity.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh this makes me mad! All I can think of are all the kids who families can't afford to do this. So reflective of our society today.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

I`m so glad my kids are finished school because aside from all the supplies, there was always constant letters sent home about money for this and money for that. Wam Bam..there was never a chance to breath before the bombardment of them. Insane!


slap me happy said...

It is a pain in the ass when they ask for specific isn't it, Ashley is just finishing off grade 7 and is off to Trinity college for 8th grade after Christmas , last years list was bad but am scare to ask for her next schools one, "grow money tree grow"..... I wish lol



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