Sunday, August 20, 2006

Belated Birthday Gifts and a Swap Project

Been one of those busy days. Really, it was a good day, but I spent most of it running errands and picking things up that were supposed to be finished weeks ago!!!

My niece's second birthday was August 7. These little items were supposed to be done before the 7th. Today is, hmmmm, the 19th? Oh well. Just like me to send things late anyway. This little shop in Franklin does monogramming. I try and send her something monogrammed each year. This year, I found this cover for a little foldable nap pad. I loved the pink (her favorite color) and orange motif. And, when I saw this little backpack, of course, I had to have it too. (Can you tell I have TWO boys!) Today, when I was out and about, I found this sweet little Eeyore to throw in the napsack. Too cute. It will go out on Monday, finally--in time for her mother's birthday, geesh. I'm just the worst aunt ever.

A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for a matchbox swap over at Swapbot. We are supposed to make some little scene out of a matchbox. I have had this thatched roof idea in my head ever since; so guess what I've been doing all day? Do you remember my buying several triangular matchboxes from Manto Fev? If not, go here to see what they look like--it's towards the end of the post. Gawd, don't read the whole thing!! I have been to every hobby store in the area, some even twice. (I needed "Ho" size--don't laugh--not "N" size pieces. I've mortared (is that right?) the roof on and tomorrow I will thatch. I haven't decided if I will really thatch or just make it look like thatch--oh yes, I bought thatching supplies, hehe. I may end up making two to see which looks better. I'm hoping the mortar sets ok and doesn't warp the roof too much. I have a book sitting on it, so we'll see in the morning. I just love making miniatures--like really small things. I showed you the little house I made years ago, and I'm thinking this will kind of fall into the same category, except a little surprise will await when you open the drawer. I'll post a picture of the finished project after the person receives it. I think our blog addresses are given after we are assigned partner and I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise. (I posted the finished piece after she received it!)

Not to change the subject, but last night I found this awesome site that carries the same embossed cutout sheets that I bought in London--the ones I used on the cigar boxes! I went a little overboard, but I will now have enough cutouts for many, many boxes. I can't wait to get my order. Take a peek at their site--Victorian Scrap Works. What a fantastic find and a lot cheaper than what I paid in London, of course. Here's another site I found that carries just about everything under the sun (or moon) for crafting named Silver Crow Creations. Definitely worth a bookmark!!



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