Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hillbilly Hot

It is hotter than a pepper sprout out there. I think it's actually more humid than hot which just makes it miserable. Every time I go out to pick up the mail, I am just appalled at how I have let the gardens go. It makes me absolutely sick, yet I have done nothing (except buy some poison to kill the weeds which I hate to use. It still sits in the garage while I contemplate using it or not). I don't know why I'm surprised, actually I'm not, because by about August, I am so fed up with watering and pruning and deadheading that I just let it go. By September, I'm ready to throw all the dead things away and start my mums and ornamental cabbage. After visiting blogland and seeing everyone's gardens looking so tidy and fresh, I just had to let ya'll see mine. hehe. Mine are just "diths-picable." (And what's up with my typesetting??? Why is my type all in italics, I ask YOU!??????????) I'm grumpy tonight. grrrrr.

The hub had said he was going to weed for the past month; and as you can see, he has not. Here's Bud County (with Bud's Pond in the background--if you look really hard through the jungle of weeds--go here to see what it's supposed to look like!). What a mess. I just went out to start the hose (so sick of it) and picked one little weed and I'm already just dying! Scratch scratch. I'm just so allergic to everything, especially when I start stirring it up, that I've learned to try not to pull weeds. (That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.) I already feel it in my cheeks (where I swell--not bad, but just enough to make myself look like Mrs. Claus). I don't know what this stuff is that's growing. It looks like grass. I don't remember any seeding being done this summer, so I have not a clue. It's easy to pull, very top rooted, as I just found out. Yep, that's my dead potted petunias that I meant to throw into the trash can this morning so the trashmen could take them away; but I didn't. So, there they sit just to get me even more angry at how horrible everything looks.

My peonies are showing their dislike for all the heat we have had this summer. Poor things. The echinacea has lost all its color. Isn't everything just hideous! (Go take a look at T&M's echinacea for comparison--see what I mean?.) The only healthy-looking growth are the weeds. Lovely. My rose bushes have run amuck and I would like nothing better than to just cut them back to the ground. Is that ok if I do that?? hehe. Like I said, I'm just ready to cut everything back and hunker down for the winter. I am so over the summer.

Not only that, but my desktop (both on the computer and what the computer is on) is a total disaster! Grrrrrr. I need to get hold of myself and straighten this stuff out! Remember my desk downstairs? That one has nothing on this one. And just what is a hose nozzle doing on my desk anyway??? Lord have mercy (Lord have mercy)!!

Oh yea, and my computer has become soooo slow that it takes a million years to do anything, ANYTHING! I'm about ready to throw it out the window into the weeds!! Think I better walk away from it all for a bit. Maybe I'll do another cigar box. That's relaxing enough. Yea yea, that's the ticket. Sigh.


Daisy Lupin said...

At last Rosa, your blog has finally let me visit again, its been days since it let me on! lol! Just catching up on your blog. You are so smart being able to do a slide show, I wouldn't have a clue. I also love Pollacks Toy Museum I could spend all day there, looking at toys I used to have and the shop is glorious. I like all the altered work you are starting to do. Don't worry about your garden, I think a lot of our garden's are starting to look tired now, and we are all getting in autumn mode.

FarmgirlCyn said...

Oh Rosa, You are singin' the "summertime garden blues". Girl, you got it bad, and that ain't good. Do NOT go cuttin' the roses down! Things will look much better in the spring! The secret to a nice looking garden in August is: close-ups of the stuff that still looks decent! That way, no one but you sees the whole picture. It works for me!!!

PEA said...

It's been a long hot summer and I think many of us have had no energy to do's also very easy to get overwhelmed by everything that needs to be taken care of in the house and garden. So, don't feel alone, we all go through this...big HUGS!! xox

Shell said...

My gardens looked tired until all this rain came. We're sure not complaining..yet. We seem to have feast or famine. LOL

miss*R said...

you must have changed something in the template to make it italic. I can look at it if you wish.
just let me know.
I hate humidity - it is the pits.

Connie and Rob said...

My poor flowers have called it a season. It has just been too darn hot to get out and baby them through this heat. I am looking forward to fall to plant some new bulbs.

I think the computers are hot too and they just are sluggish.


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Oh Rosa....what a refreshing post! hahaha. Real life. My Echinacea was that size when I bought it. And I worked till late yesterday so didn`t water either.
How awful to be allergic. No wonder you`re fed up.
And all my posts are in italic too! You should see my poor peony. I think I`ll post a pick after work. My Dad gave me some of his and I`ve dug it up and moved it twice and now it`s leaves are almost yellow. I don`t know what I`ve done.
I sympathize with your slow computer, because I have the same problem. So may beautiful pictures in all these blogs and so little time to sit there waiting for them all to load. Anyway....
Happy Friday Yahoooo!


Sue said...

The humidity is the worst isn't it? Someone I recently read said she just cropped all the weeds out of her pictures!
Now, doesn't that sound easier than actually going out in the heat and pulling them???

Tammy said...

"Oh, let it go. Let the plants fight their own battles."
~Katharine White

Mrs. Staggs said...

I can't wait for Fall!
My garden is a mess as haven't seen any garden pictures on my site lately, have you?

P.S. When was the last time you did a disk clean up on your computer? That might speed things up a bit.

Beth said...

Man,,you are not lying!! Its miserably hot,,and my gardens look just like yours,,I am going to go out today and try to weed,,but its so hot and humid,,my heart just isn't in it. Don't ya just hate this time of year? Ok,,fall is just around the corner,,we must keep reminding ourselves!! I love the do dad corner with all the lovlies that your brother has given you,,how neat! I can't wait to see a pic of the matchbox house,,did you see the article in Stampers sampler this month on the matchbox jewelry? I am going to try to make some of those little cuties.
Have a great Sunday,,and stay cool, Ms. Rosa!!!

Vita said...

Love your rantings!



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