Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Day of Hard Knocks

My "sister" Mary Jane arrives on Friday! Yahoo. You'd think I'd be running around like a white tornado. But, I'm not. The boys' rooms are disasters, again, and my desk and surrounding area looks like a white tornado HIT it! Oh well, she knows I'm not the tidiest person on earth! We won't be spending time in the office and the kids' rooms anyway, right? grin.

The teenager had a very bad day today. Of course, it all started out hunky dory. The kids got out early for a "focus" day--which the teachers use to do one thing or another. Anyhoo, the teenager came home and changed and said he was off to go swimming in the quarry. (Oh what wonderful memories that brings back!) I get a phone call about 3:30. "Mom, my car got towed." Joy. He had parked in a gas station and swears there were no signs. I had to go get him, drive into Nashville and pick the car up. $95! They tried to charge us another $15 for having the car over two hours, and I let them know over my dead body was I going to pay more. (Actually, the teenager is paying--I'm certainly not paying for his expensive learning curve. It's coming right out of his paycheck tomorrow.)

On the way there, he proceeds to tell me that he has had a really bad day. Not only did his car get towed, but his State Champion football ring fell into the bottom of the quarry! Now, that hurts. Ouch. I have told him over and over, every time he walked out the door to go swimming, "Take your ring off!!" I've learned the hard way too. Only it wasn't something as important as a State Champ ring. Sniffle sniffle.

Perhaps it's time for a refresher course. Ya think?


PEA said...

It's hard to let them learn the hard way but sometimes it's the only way they'll learn!! Did that sentence make any sense? lol I remember when Shawn got his first speeding ticket...$328.00...I was so angry at him and yet felt so bad BUT I made him pay for it himself and ever since then he's more careful about how heavy his foot is! What a shame about the ring, though:-(

Sue said...

Wow this was a day of very expensive lessons for a young man. So sad to lose the ring...

Janet said...

How sad about the ring. I'm sure he will remember this day for a long time!

Raphaƫl said...

That's the way life works.... you have to do mistake to learn.... That remember me a camera.... OUPS ... Don't you remember?

Tammy said...

no need to be worrying over housekeeping, just come on down to the Opry Mills Mall girlfriend!!
or the Hotel indoor gardens...ohhhh...they are so beautiful!!!
we could make some nice photo's there and you could run them through your photo shop, huh....whadya say??
Boy, I sucked in my breath at that beautiful ring at the bottom of the quarry!!!
Makes you wanna thump somebody's head don't it?

paris parfait said...

Oh, wow - that was a bad day! Some painful lessons learned. I'm so glad I can access your blog now - for some weird reason, the past two days, every time I tried to visit you, it shut down.

Vita said...

Poor boy! If only they would listen to us, their parents, they wouldn't have to learn the hard way. Don't we wish we could protect them from all these hard lessons?

Beth said...

Poor kid,,you live and learn though. One day he will probably tell his kid "take your ring off before you got swimming" lol. Wow what quarry is that at?



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