Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday's Favorite Corner

Today's corner is going up our back staircase. I have started a collage of photographs, mostly taken and given to me by my brother Jim. I really need to add some more because all of these are quite old, the latest being at least 8 years old! Oy!

These are two of my many sweet nieces. It was taken many years ago as both are almost 12 years old which just baffles me. Samantha (on the right) is one of three daughters from the hub's brother and Madeleine is one of two daughters from my brother. One time, Samantha's family was visiting and Jim threw a BBQ; and we all went over. The girls were so sweet together. Jim captured this photo of Madeleine applying lipstick to Samantha. Is it not one of the sweetest pictures? Jim captured the moment beautifully.

This is another one of Jim's works. We were visiting him one spring at the Capitol where he takes group photographs. This is the kid. Just too cute. I really came to appreciate this photo once we moved away from DC. Funny the things you take for granted when they are in your back yard.

I have to say that this picture of the (pre) teenager has to be one of my all-time favorites. I remember the day as if it were yesterday. It was Father's Day, again at my brother Jim's house. I was meeting his new girlfriend (later to be wife) for the first time. I was pregnant with the kid at the time. An old school chum of my brother's and mine was there; and I remember him having so much fun with the pre-teenager. Jack (our friend) and Jim were in the back yard with the pre-teenager and came back in just chuckling. They said my son had seen a squirrel and had proceeded to tell them to stay far away from them because they were very dangerous animals. Poor little kid. You know how overly secure you are with your first child. I was always so afraid he would get bitten by one that I told him some terrible story about how dangerous they were! Anyway, look at how cute he was!! My brother Jim had bought him the DKNY (excuse me!) suede jacket and my father always brought him back cowboy boots and hats from his visits to Texas. I don't know where the sunglasses and gun came in. (Of course, he was never allowed to play with guns either--hehe.) Those were the days!

This is the pre-teen, yet again. (The kid is always asking why there are so many more pics of his brother! Isn't it always the way?) Look at the sweet face looking at his Aunt Ann (see previous post on sisters). This is her wedding day. In the background, you can see little Santina (Samantha's older sister) in the high chair. The pre-teen is telling Aunt Ann some tale, I'm sure.

I used this photo for a Christmas card in 1993. I know that only because the kid was only a couple of weeks old here. I had my cousin James come out to our house in Falls Church and shoot a roll so I could make a Christmas card. I remember it was after Julia Roberts had just wed Lyle Lovett (what was she thinking?) and she was married barefoot. I thought I would go barefoot in this picture--which you can't even see--since we were sitting on the floor. I don't know why I was sitting Indian style in a dress--ain't got no couth! The pre-teen is making his usual age-appropriate face, which I thought was so cute, and the kid is looking at his momma. I loved our little cottage-type rambler. The little fireplace was so sweet. I was so proud of our little family that I had to share it with all our friends. That was the only time I ever had a family portrait done and the only time one was sent out. Oh well.

After thinking about how special these pictures are, I really am going to have to get some more photos matted and framed. It's kind of pitiful I don't have more hung.


kansasrose said...

These are just the best Rosa! I love B/W pictures and the way you framed them and have them arranged. Your family is lovely! Thanks for sharing them and your little corner in your beautiful home. xxoo

Shell said...

Wonderful photos, Rosa! are gorgeous! A real beauty. But I knew that from your heart first.

chlox <---the chemical abreviation for Chlorox.

Daisy Lupin said...

Lovely photos, black and white film looks so classy doesn't it?

Peggy said...

I love the photos! Black and white matted and framed are my favorites

Sue said...

I really love the black and white photos too. Since I began blogging, I've been going through so many!
Many are 50-100 years old!!

paris parfait said...

Those are wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing.



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