Monday, August 28, 2006

Matchbox Swap

Since the swap was delivered today, I can go ahead and post some pictures of it. I had the best time making this one.

As I mentioned, I bought the vintage matchboxes from Mantofev. They have a wonderful array of unusual items. I knew that someday I would have a use for them!

The funnest part was looking for pieces to fit into the box. At first, I was going to do a Christmas scene, but I nixed that. The "A-frame" looked more like a barn than anything else to me--and so that was the route I took. I've always wanted to do a thatched roof, so this is where I started. The kid has all kinds of building materials including mortar and bricks for miniature buildings. I tell you, once the barn was finished, I think it weighed about a pound! It took a while for the mortar to dry since I used so much and I certainly hope it stood up in shipping. I found a website that explained how to make a thatched roof from terrycloth. And, so, that is just what I used. The process took several days just to let the layers dry.

I found the sweet barnyard animals at a hobby shop. Of course, last night, I found them a lot cheaper at Hobby Lobby. Live and learn. I wasn't sure how I was going to do the inside of the barn until I saw the animals. I even threw a farmer in the mix. I poured glue into the troff to look like water; and I hope it dried enroute! It was still white when I mailed it off. Oooops.

The kid is wanting me to make another one of these. I have all the materials, I just need to sit down and do it! I'd love to have one for us too.

I hope Marcia likes it; and as I said, I hope it arrives in one piece!! Gee whiz, it really turned out more fragile than I thought it would. This was one of my fav swaps.

But, gggrrrrowl, the collage above was a pain in the rear to put together. And I thought I was doing so well with Photoshop! hehe. That's when it comes back to bite ya! I should know better than to let my head swell. ha.

Oh, and don't forget to visit Hidden Haven Homestead to get in on the auction action. It's off to a great start with some wonderful goodies from abroad (for those in the U.S., that is)! Looks as though Ms*Robyn and I will be duking it out for the lovely piece from Paris!! ha.


Mrs. Staggs said...

Wow, I love it Rosa! So creative! I especially like the roof...what a great idea! ....and the water in the trough looks so realistic. It's all wonderful and the collage is really great. You've learned a lot already...good for you!
Those things the Hub brought back from China are really something. I love the combs. Oh heck, I guess I'm lovin' it all tonight! Great posts!
I bid on those 3 nice aprons that were donated! I saw you and Ms. Robyn dukin' it out....try to keep it civil ladies! LOL!

Tammy said...

This looks like delicate work!!
You must have a steady hand!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

So cute! I`ve never seen thes before.
And you got some nice things from China :)


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That's awesome! I love the things you create. I don't know how you do to make such fiddly objects ;-)...

You are real artist!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Sorry, I meant "a" real artist ;-)))!

cityfarmer said...

Always have loved all things miniature.
Looks like tedious but fun work...the photos really show well.

Fizzy said...

what a wonderful idea. Never heard of it before

Janet said...

That is so cute. You must have lots of patience! I'm sure whoever received it must just love it, and hopefully will appreciate all the time and effort put into it.

Ulla said...

Rosa! This is amazing!!! So charming and whimsical..., How fun to have a thatched roof barn, with animals and all that you can stick in your pocket (or purse in this case), I just LOVE it!!!

PEA said...

Oh wow, how beautiful!! I'd be all thumbs trying to make something like that, and all in miniature!! You do amazing work, Rosa, and I'm very impressed:-) xoxo

kirsty said...

This is a charming little thing! You've made it so beautifully :)

Shell said...

So cute! You have such talent. I wish I could come to your house and play awhile.




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