Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Woman's Work is Never Done

Miss Bev Supervising the project

That was my Uncle Euell's favorite saying. He would putter around the house of his and Aunt Mary's (my mom's sister in Georgia) doing odd jobs and muttering "A woman's work is never done." He had the absolute best sense of humor. I miss him and Aunt Mary so much.

With the hub gone, I can get some work done around here--hehe. I know the poor guy really tries to do things around the house; but the truth is, I prefer just to do it myself. I hate the nagging that I've done in the past, so I just wait until he's gone and just do what needs to be done. He used to joke with neighbors about my doing drywall. Of course, I don't; but I could if I had to, right?

Before he left this time, he bought this great screwdriver. (Little did he know I had been eyeing for a while, hehe). I had asked him to remove all the old smoke alarms that didn't work any more and replace them. Since he was going to do it, he went out and got the quasi-professional screwdriver. He despises doing things around the house; and anything that makes the job easier is gold in his eyes. Well, of course, he didn't get to it before he left. You know how that is. Poor thing. He had to get two hepatitis shots at once which just wiped all energy out of him all week. (At least, this is what he told me, hehe.)

I've been charging the new battery for this sucker all week, and today I was ready to give MY screwdriver a try. I couldn't wait to get up on that ladder and give it a whirl. Of course, I had my sidekick there to make sure everything was done properly--Miss Bev.

You see, when we bought the house, all the smoke alarms were wired to the house alarm. If one went off , the entire house alarm went off. One kept on going off, so I had to disconnect the entire alarm system--and thus why I had to get a complete overhaul about a month ago (not to mention a crazy friend--if you're new here). Anyway, the builder had put a smoke alarm in each bedroom. I didn't want this configuration any more; and so the new system only has one on each floor and one in the garage that will trigger the entire alarm system and call the fire department. Ok, so that means that all the smoke alarms in each bedroom and office needed to be replaced with battery-operated ones. Thanks Costco! Phew, when you need six smoke alarms, it can add up! I replaced one in each of the bedrooms, one in the office and added one to the rec room.

I think I have it all covered now. I can't wait for the teenager to light his first incense and have the alarm go off! hehe. At least the entire house won't go WOOOOO WOOOOOOO WOOOOO and scare the wits out of us and the neighborhood!


paris parfait said...

Hooray for you, doing it by yourself! My husband is the same way - hates doing these kinds of things, although will - under duress, of course. Often it's easier to do them myself and I do.

Anonymous said...

Well if I did all of this work, I'd probably set something on fire ...

-- Hub

Mrs. Staggs said...

Don't you love electric screw drivers? I can do so much more around the house now that I have one of those.
I'm so glad! I hate to ask for help with things around the house.
Mostly 'cause my husband works such long hours. I hate for his little free time to be taken up with such things. Sometimes it can't be helped though.
I've done drywall (with help) and recently I replaced my kitchen faucet.

Anonymous said...

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