Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Felix Schlesinger's "A Friend In Need" 1867

Our sweet friends Peggy and Robyn are putting together an auction to help a blogger friend of theirs. Peggy will be hosting the auction at her Hidden Haven Homestead. Go here to read more. I believe she will start hosting it next week. If you are able, donate; if not, see if there is something there you like. I can't wait to see all the goodies people will be donating. And you know I will be doing some bidding!

I went to work today on my donation. I made a small trio of nesting boxes. I have "themed" them Faith, Hope, Optimism and Joy.

I'm also going to donate a "custom" cigar box. I just couldn't decide how to decorate it and so I will leave it up to the "winner" to decide. I can do a theme of Christmas, Children, Angels, Spring, Flowers, Religious or Easter. It will be fun to make one (or more) "to order." (This is the first one I made for myself.)

I hope the auction helps. Oh, and you don't have to be a blogger to donate or bid! So, let's have fun for a good cause.

"Great opportunities to help others seldom come,
but small ones surround us every day."
Sally Koch


Peggy said...

thank you so much for posting about the auction!

Ulla said...

These are really wonderful, and what a lovely reason to create art! The colors are healing and full of life Rosa!

paris parfait said...

These are all wonderful! You're so creative and no doubt many people will be bidding on your lovely work. As for what you said about the fabric, there is a William Morris fabric up for the same auction, but not the one you want. :) I like your idea about a screen. I already have a framed Liberty scarf in a similar pattern, so maybe the screen is the way to go. I'll keep you posted. :)

cityfarmer said...

Looking forward to this. . .hope I'm at my desk when this happens.

Have a blessed Sunday.

PEA said...

It certainly sounds like it will be great fun and you can be sure I will be doing some bidding:-) xoxo

Beth said...

Thanks for that link Rosie,,those nesting boxes look awesome so does the cigar box,,I love your looking at you art so much!!!

miss*R said...

hey! that is similar to my box you sent me. did you make that? gawd, you are a clever miss. I will be bidding on these for sure xo

Mrs. Staggs said...

Your boxes are wonderful Rosa. It is kind of you to donate them. I will head over to the auction site and see what's going on there now.
Hope you had a good weekend. You certainly made mine feel special!

Deb said...

I just came from Mrs Staggs and saw the beautiful box you sent her ~ how creative and lovely!
Love the quote!

Anonymous said...

The Painting "A Friend in Need" you have showing here on the site. I actually have the oil painting from Felix Scheslinger. I am having it appraised this weekend, cleaned and insured. Was wondering if there was any interest in it.



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